Michael Martrich

(He Asked Why We Didn’t Wear Boots) We Said We Wanted To Be Light Like Deer

                John’s father was a hunter and maybe that’s why John said we didn’t want to wear our boots when his father wanted us to wear boots like hunters and why he laughed and took a drink and we wanted to be vegetarians that didn’t last long and why John’s father had the bullets and the gun.

                                                                            as drunk, missed himself, and th
                                                                me days with the hole in the den be
                                                             ed his mother who told him to go up
                                                                                    as quiet not a careless th
                     he plastered the ho
                                                   uch time to smooth it right.

                                 He’d missed with the gun, w
                              at’s why he left (she screamed! “Just get out!”) for so
                    fore John watch
                    stairs where he w
                                                umping marionette and s
                                     le but didn’t take too m

Michael Martrich is a writer and musician from eastern Pennsylvania where he writes, performs, and records with the bands Sports for Kin, The Birch Run Russell, and Sixth Wasps. Songs appear in films and on Cornslaw Industries.
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