hiromi suzuki


cul-de-sac #1
The time of a man living in the river boat is standing still.
Only the water flows under the bottom of his boat
to San Francisco, Cape Town and the timeless sea.

cul-de-sac #2
Light a lighter.
The ashtray is full of the night.
The ash burning the darkness out.

hiromi suzuki is an illustrator, poet and collage artist. She lives in Tokyo, Japan. She is a contributor to the Japanese poetry magazine 'gui' (run by members of the Japanese VOU group of poets, founded by the late Kitasono Katue), and the author of the 77 poem collection Ms. cried, kisaragi publishing, 2013.

Her blog, microjournal, can be found at http://orange.s48.xrea.com/mt/.
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