John Pursch

Stethoscopic Spray

Sands rejuvenate a taller you
inside eventualities of
curtain collar cuties culled
from coyly catastrophic
gauze rolls down a fulcrum’s
marbled planar tease of
stethoscopic plumage,
swapping otter pentagrams
for coiffed cartographers
in steely sighs of paper
flint gorillas.

Exclusionary expletives
topple visitation rights,
Achilles tendencies in
regulated Tory patricide,
askance aglow aside aback
a belfry’s glowering vestibule
of vernal furnace comedy.

Stride by luminescent straddle,
reins of oxcarts strapped to chaste
and fulminating gravy coats of ironic
rise and fallow sundries are pulled
to euphony in socket rhythm’s loose
entendre of cordless settee motto men,
pledged to ribald heresies
for leeward pulchritudinous
diurnal femme machinery
atop concurrent ragtop grime.

Oh, to descend again
in concupiscent catacombs
of starkest paltry semaphores
of flickered bite-line coast d’jour,
a sip of coffee cormorant
in ala alley modal victual
visionary vice display of
avian roulette debauchery
in final castle cornrow
concubinage flecks
of castoff spray!

Adjustment Giggles

Cowering furnace go-betweens
smirk through grimy taro strikes
of murky hoi polloi routines
in classy girders meant for
mulish chair back hovering,
withered far too categorically
for theory’s penultimate injury
to calibrate.

Mainline sod attacks
refurbish vernal outhouse cloaks
with ticklish songs of Bollywood pulp,
crinkling ferrets in disbarment’s looming
ideograms of shiny torpor headway.

Solitary margarine devolves to rotors,
vending gasoline mutation bellies
turned to auctioneers by
dielectric couth pigeons,
right before an hourglass
ties angora Sanka pasta sheep
to bowline esoterica.

Recognition sobs in
perky ensemble muddles,
tracking clunky whey
pond jetsam truffles
under echoed ogling
of newborn azure.

Astigmatic dendrites
opt forever into rolling
drunk casaba blouses,
commonly remanding
poultry cones to seared
municipal hellos in
capering cellophane
adjustment giggles.


Tribulations mount
in millionaire libation zeal,
belting southern slopjaw rations
into wading turnkey swaddle mouthfuls,
swallowed ever so tranquilly
by porcelain intransigents
with jaundiced brooding
pustule highway signage,
timing shingles off the bulbous
blackened ribs of countless underlings,
too hung to snow in coldest sawbuck
pancake fairy foible siren
termagant corrosion calves.

Past emotions gloss
derogatory arrogance
with cleaning axes,
crafting nubile fax chemise
for sundry caged and paltry japers,
sucking turquoise hermit crumpet feet
with tiny placid shoestring feedhorn eulogies,
spelling torrential pastry tours
in rearrangement’s torpor
of lingual cascade disrepute.

Late, so very late,
beyond impaled inhaler signatures
of tumid exponential hip gyration,
blasting all capitulating skipjacks
through the scheme of indignation’s
incipient frost complaint,
complying with mown sanitary yelps;
only then will soggy cradle cries
of pry bar nascence and
carbuncular barnacles
spurn the burnished cabbie arm
for metropolitan decanter bliss
in moonset swinger jetty flush
of proffered lipstick simpering
and cool prophetic sizzle.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. His pi-related experimental lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc. He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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