Luc Fierens

Luc Fierens writes:
"My work as a visual poet is very closely related to collage but i can't be a collagist pur sang because of my connection with the Poesia Visiva. I still am in contact with the Italian Poesia Visiva pioneers (Sarenco,Marcucci,Pignotti) and their second generation (like me) poets who followed their research also now : Francesco Aprile, Marco Giovenale etc..

"I'm working on a book with two female poets, Lies Van Gasse and Helen White, so three layers of vispo, drawing, collage will be connected. I also did a book for Redfoxpress recently and am still doing my own Postfluxpostbooklets, a new extra one will come out soon, a collab with Coco Gordon.

"For more texts please check my links or Google. There is also a note about me in a recent Word For/Word, http://www.wordforword.info/vol23/"
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