Marilyn Stablein


triangle book, black Canson paper, Chinese joss and various papers,
5 opens to 18 inches x 9 opens to 36 inches x 1 inch,

Permutation is a two dimensional visual poem in 16 parts and also a 16 page sculptural artist book.

There are various ways to “read” the poem.

The poem begins as a two dimensional isoceles triangle page but through the interactive kinetic motion of unfolding the pages the poem morphs into various three dimensional forms such as an umbrella or a star.

The final unfolding spreads the pages of the poem back into a two diimensional shape but also fully extends the piece out into a large rectangle.

The original triangular page is one of sixteen parts of the fully opened extended whole. All pages are viewable in the final spread though the orientations are changed e.g. directional alignments vary with each unfolding.

The collage elements are designed to shift with each turn of a page. Images such as a pair of eyes pop-out and coalesce to create a new image in the expanding or contracting metamorphosis.

Likewise the dimensions and sculptural shapes shift. A single isoceles triangle doubles, quadruples and morphs into other geometric shapes.

Marilyn Stablein, author of twelve books, is a poet, essayist and fiction writer. As an artist she works in collage, assemblage and artist books. She creates multi-media installations and has performed her work with musicians and dancers. Book Arts Editions will publish a catalog of her artist books this spring. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Visit: marilynstablein.com
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