Naomi Buck Palagi

Planning: Chorale

Voice 1

small cents or elephants whispering through the dog days of night,


high on the precipices of possibility
and wonder, we


we ostracize humble peotone of the
block printer in aster or phlox.

if this meant to me






shielded by daylight, wielding
pointilism, points

for not more than this.

to that tune, for more than a mile,
a smile, rest

I do not care for you, and you may climb

into the brook, rocks

falls no more

carrying the white, and worm-ridden pet.


herself, or me, her sister

and all I can consider is the madonna

that slipped from my grasp and the one

ostriched, we are, for remembering these.

took on water

to the source


was the Beginning.

Voice 2



and if this meant to me

if this meant to me the beginning
not frost, not cold, not even health but

The pigeons fly circles over you, it is ending.

Wishing doesn't make it so and


or pigeon for not


gashes, we have all shied

points earned like the ostrich in the sand, the


as if climbing from the canyon, rest

as you wish.

streams burble

mossed as with snake,

falls no more.

no horse tongue on the whiskey barrel, no

metal trucks

an elephant says not all of us are sisters, she grasps the paint brush, she

she paints me, her sister, or

here we are, homing, again

our heads in the sand

crafted by two of our hands at the brook,

the snake

she jumped.

in the dog days of night we

mineraled from the underground, found


so steep it was reversed and this

was the Beginning.

Voice 3

I have Beginning and parcels last til we elephant, not

not wishing, not

I stay, elephanted.

elephant ostracized for not


we have all shied from the mare with high strung

ostrich, gone to pasture. Fortunes lost


as if climbing from the canyon, as if

as you wish.

or clay. The water

metal trucks

she paints herself, she grasps the paintbrush, she paints

our heads in the sand

crafted by two of our hands at the brook,

she jumped.

took on water

to the source, the land

was the Beginning.

Naomi Buck Palagi has work published in journals such as Spoon River Review, Otoliths, Moria, Eleven Eleven, Blue Fifth Review and Requited. Additionally, she has two chapbooks, Silver Roof Tantrum (dancing girl press, 2010), and Darkness in the Tent (Dusie Kollectiv 5, 2011).
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