Issue thirty-six Date of Publication February 1, 2015.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2015 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

Most of the images in Otoliths can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Volodymyr Bilyk

George McKim
Five Poems

Lakey Comess
Six Poems

Stephen Bett
50th St.

Greg McLaren
Two Poems

Philip Byron Oakes
Four Poems

Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Robert Lietz
Two Poems

Stephen C. Middleton
Three Poems

Nick Ravo
Dream Histories

Chase Gagnon
So Bad

Owen Bullock
Two Poems

Caleb Puckett
Drop Point

Kyle Hemmings
Five Visuals

Despo Magoni
Pathological Beauty #4

Craig Cotter

J. Crouse
Two Days in Ziklag

Michael Martrich
(He Asked Why We Didn’t Wear Boots). . .

Bryan Young
Halest of Cities

Halvard Johnson
Seven Poems

dan raphael
Four Poems

Jeff Dahlgren
Three Poems

Jeff Dahlgren & John Lowther
Six Visual Poems

John Lowther
Sonnets from 555

Pete Spence
Two Poems

Howie Good
Love and Late Capitalism

A. J. Huffman
Three Poems

John M. Bennett
Text Poems

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett
Four Visual Poems

John M. Bennett & Vittore Baroni
Two Visual Poems

Thomas M. Cassidy & John M. Bennett
Five Visual Poems

Thomas M. Cassidy & Cheryl Penn & John M. Bennett
Five Visual Poems

John M. Bennett
Five Visual Poems

The Fluorescent Ditch

Felino A. Soriano
from Forms, migrating

Andrew Topel
Eight Digital Collages

Jürgen O. Olbrich & Andrew Topel
Twelve Visual Poems

Jack Galmitz & Fotis Begetis
Text & Visual

Joel Chace
from Initials

Mark Melnicove
Four Visuals

Sally Evans
(5[0] S)Hades

James Sanders
from Epiimproper

Joe Balaz
Three Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems
Two More Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems

John Martone
a cup-of

Raymond Farr
Four Poems

Carol Shillibeer
arcadia, in this case, is a cement square in the alley off the kitchens

Carol Stetser
Crime Scene Collages

Natsuko Hirata
Two Poems

Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
from Metamorphozs

Stuart Barnes
Two Poems

Michael Caylo-Baradi

Ric Carfagna
from Symphony No. 11 (the inner recesses)

Nurul Wahidah

Anne Elvey
Four Poems

Jeff Harrison
Four Poems

Robert Sheppard
from Unfinish

Stephen Nelson
Four Visual Poems

Cyriaco Lopes & Terri Witek

Daniel John Pilkington
Two Poems

Eryk Wenziak
Three Concrete Poems

SS Prasad

sean burn
limn i & ii

Jonel Abellanosa
Two Poems

Michael O’Brien
Three Poems

Mark Pirie
Three Poems

Márton Koppány
Four Visual Poems

Willie Smith
Two Short Prose Pieces

Kit Kennedy
Four Poems

Toby Fitch
Three inversions of Rimbaud

Naomi Buck Palagi
Planning: Chorale

Marcello Diotallevi
Woman love poem

Stu Hatton
Three Poems

Brendan Tang
from After Pound

John Pursch
Three Poems

Charles Freeland
Four Poems

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

Luc Fierens
Four Visual Poems

Angad Arora
fracture 04

PT Davidson
Five Poems

Steven Alvarez
Two Poems

George J. Farrah
Four Poems

bruno neiva

Bob Heman

Richard Kostelanetz

Bogdan Puslenghea
Two Poems

hiromi suzuki

Tony Beyer
Six Poems

nick-e melville
Six Visual Pieces

Marilyn Stablein

Ria Masae
starry night

Susan Gangel
from Paintings

Michael Brandonisio
from SOLO

Katrinka Moore
Two Visuals

Gian Luigi Braggio

Texas Fontanella
Three Visual Pieces

Aditya Bahl
Some Haiku

Tom Snarsky
Three Poems

Trijita Mukherjee
Three Photographs