Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

Overwhelmed, leading, sharp, exceptional, new
strong, happier, on-the-move, luxurious, revolutionary
enormous, clinically-proven, automated, brighter, superior
first-ever, range-extending, customized, legendary, electric
all-new, leather-trimmed, off-road, nonstop, perfect
efficient, technical, built-in, dry, best
sweet, delicious, royal, restless, free
distinct, top-performing, crisp, critical, luxury
precious, useful, multiple, moveable, removable
ultra-thin, middle-of-the-road, different, global, panoramic
innovative, attentive, better, powerful, German
iconic, personal, stunning, exclusive, acclaimed
proven, largest, tough, underwhelmed, right
one-of-a-kind, coordinated, easy, sustainable, modern
large, celebrated, stylish, safer, great
greater, secure, handcrafted, American, international
thick, notable, decisive, high-performance, top
ubiquitous, integrated, worldwide, intricate, affordable
advanced, agile, active, magical, open-minded
massive, comfortable, reinforced, private, pure
unique, integral, digital, sophisticated, complicated
up-to-date, real, gooey, non-U.S., complex.

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.’s work has appeared in a number of print and online publications. A Zodiac, a collection of his work, was released by Red Moon Press in 2013.
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