Steven Alvarez

suspicious property maintenance activities

needed standing                               & tracks loaded uploaded
destined to be deported & my dad not                               mother language s
w/o sleep                                            signed
entitlement                               detained
anything together                                                                   constrained
did together                                                                                      deported
customers apartments 99 at what’s going on—
49                                                “eforday-ni eforday-ni”
rendering verdict                                            walls
copticnbsp                                           walls
detective                                                                                     walls & razorwire & walls
happens to not just wanted to                bones                 defective
constant again                               debt & . . . debt—walls te digo
respond to that                               Sonora                               Arizona
bogged                                              estrellas grandes at night big stars bright

hard enough to put food on the table nowadays

0:00them years are over—there
0:03my border trader policy—whether you . . .
0:09I’ll do whatever—I didn’t go look at anybody—they are made—
0:13they hear you—they have—ah—sure—but rather real . . .
0:17y’know I have a wall & they are able to burn it—
0:22the more I am mourning—& I let you know that
0:25like I sd it’s not a big enough wall—whatever American—I had experienced a new
0:30America & I didn’t order it—
0:32old America was wholehearted all in all good & not other—
0:35doesn’t rain here now &
0:39you—you know you care whatever you want now—where did you see that?—are
0:44changing here yeah visually that—
0:47on this planet & I—they—were on the right
0:51when we were in the inaugural problem rather than a lusty
0:55than ever—all love it here—are not purely
0:58for it—are they? —numbers . . . of being good? . . . that’s a hammer & all other
1:03being are as in any way at all . . . each a loner
1:07room callers & I saw them change sheets too
1:10I sure did one particular . . . musty one too—
1:16probably had a lawyer or entry—are all over here now—
1:22order them online you know . . . to have some mining
1:27I don’t know how far kind on—
1:30they don’t know what they’re doing—what—you know—the borders—only time you know
1:34well I do so . . .
1:34or have a chance that I think so—you know
1:38burden people—you—from all our—
1:42me? . . . cool—urinating on a lot of people—over scoring—
1:47while I held &—it—just—I don’t know
1:51others . . . like . . . everybody—don’t know—
1:54well—was always—have knew you were
1:58you rather—writer—when he came & then
2:01be scared—black-on-black—I’ll—last year—
2:05last two years—& there’s gotta—less—& less—we’re here
2:08this year w/ like—White House—drug up in the morning . . .
2:12the spot . . . well & he lay off it—will get her birthday of it
2:17year five & here we are at a much later—
2:21& I still gotta let me know final—
2:24tell him for people—the world
2:29a bastard demon when you say there’s people who rely on
2:32news we cannot—be late—& . . .
2:38here all the legal eagle—you no longer—
2:41it is—there—anything—you know—America thanking them for their—
2:45they don’t want to make sure they don't like &
2:48they will—but they are—you don’t like me—are you
2:51on—like—for the biggest goddamned wall you cd ever imagine?
2:54for me the net—you—problem . . . in bond
3:00you know trainers aren’t nearly here—then you never hear nothing
3:06all it all in one or them
3:11are you—you—mention that there were—like—actually card
3:14something a little later new very bored at the worry
3:18vision where did he not like I’ll
3:22when I don’t feel great—he knew someone actually—
3:25song will that—you know—I this a bright
3:28little—I like being at home—years—you know—that I’m
3:33that—it will turn my job—my mind—I didn’t realize there were so many young—
3:37he really loves—
3:39like Mexican illegal—your hair or
3:42everything & even what they do—I was—like—a lot for making a big goddamn wall
3:46there—early on—earth & all bounded into number not null
3:52measured in minutes—I’m headed to know their—they’re
3:56near—light rail you know that—but I don’t know
4:00there are on hold—you know—in terms of development over there
4:04don’t let the check & grain cart—
4:07she sd all these are—no—we’re not really—all I heard in awhile
4:11she’s my—a lot—I have known it all along
4:15I’ll see how much did not tell her—I don’t mind at all
4:18yeah I wanna hear lines—
4:22& then she either—or are people—are here—
4:25I’ll—religious there—there is a lot more holding an event held high & are not
4:31there—I’ll have the car—okay—w/ that
4:33raising many nirvana’s I
4:37was—I'll—thinks she—around only in the main reason why—
4:41that he’s trying to do her job—to do her work—& less holy
4:47& she’s character lines—well if any are—you—whenever they’re not here
4:51all is well . . .
4:52now I’ll yeah yeah all it a lot
4:55& finally build w/ her dusk—she goes back to class
4:59thinks it won’t happen—& that which
5:04then—hell he sd—the look Juan didn’t know it
5:07personal every—but when the wets depress wages—
5:11as she watches yr fellow workers pay abt 50 bucks on a table
5:15get commissioners darn well—they didn’t have the documentation—it wasn’t—
5:20& they can’t—I hate—I do—you—think I've heard
5:25other stages—
5:26a lot higher—resume—for that you can talk to anyone—
5:31you know we’re gonna walk paid—well I—year
5:34there—are always complaining abt how much—rather get there are a rising
5:41uranium mining same—
5:44panel for every year—I have a problem—you’re never here
5:48& you know—you—over you know I’ll—
5:53rather than telling her anything like that & I am not paying party—
5:58yeah felons for everything down birthday—
6:01be updated every year &
6:05I you have any old—for on a review—
6:08yes but honor you an interview
6:12but alter—okay a review—
6:15totally—I . . . okay . . . & get away—& told me abt
6:20Pennsylvania—now it was mustered—
6:23I didn’t call out of it then & their rate—
6:26asked abt their accents & bloodlines all bond up w/ documentation they require
6:32you had a lot of format issues—I’ll—
6:35but regional fingerprinting & background checks right there—
6:38& biometrics where greater or
6:42yr checked-out pouring—I’m going to the travel wherever you go
6:46place you know—cuz the actual bed Wednesday—
6:49please walls—you will patrol—you out—& their credit . . .
6:53for however due process I want you to either—
6:57you have a lot on that or I—
7:00you will be fine—that & they—do mind you—they buy anything
7:04ponder when they checked it out—you will be fine
7:08there there will be no problem—business & you will—you will be fine
7:11doesn’t so they’re very spirited . . . but—& they are very proud of it
7:15& I know where the illegals eat—where they sell their labor
7:19legal seas they will not be able to demorass—
7:23they will be allowed to claim three
7:27years ahead—they got documentation license fires—all
7:30cloning—when you go to their house your friends & I have no matter what I hear
7:36yeah—it wd you be deserving way—yes—generators injector backgrounds
7:42different ages—
7:43yr call identification people sd now I have
7:47to reside—& examining I’m now under a different category—
7:51years now—you have people that are stateless—
7:55on the power okay they have your fingerprint—alright let’s say
7:58I mean—you know—there’s taco grease on their fingers
8:02taking up—but they don’t have—
8:05are you—can’t answer do have I a banking address
8:08or some other . . . being kinda—I’ll—
8:12for know—what you can’t find it? . . . no I’ll
8:16I first alert the police—& they'll remember my county—talking abt how
8:21illegal drunk driver w/ no lights & no
8:25windshield already three beheaded maybe like
8:28I’ll take care of their information—make that eight beheaded
8:32put him in jail—he bailed out the next day—a warrantless use
8:37for that you know better—for they don’t show up—yeah—
8:40going to get dressed—I was gonna—I cannot—that’s not that well-seasoned—
8:44right here—earlier—yeah . . . but apparently on didn’t—
8:47border racing—three workers really get your license—
8:51there are here Jose & I didn't want you you’re you’re lying—to you—
8:56licenses—so you gotta show more information—
8:59I understand this shit—you know—I’m just wondering—you get the situation
9:03w/ the smartest guy
9:04yeah who’s been here for how many years w/ the baby—I—you know
9:07right—at —I hope that what they’re doing . . . my whole thing is discouraging
9:13people which is probably why they’re here—for sale—I—but I—I did that
9:17you know—wiped out & terms are okay—the fingerprint somebody that you
9:21you know—it’s like trying to make yellow along . . .
9:25okay—they’re already doing something illegal—
9:28well as they go on to chair their new nations—
9:31their church they say to somebody else they live near—
9:37you need anything?—they are gonna tell you
9:40when ICE’s on & not only where—you know
9:44you know—when that information comes out you’re just not gonna make it
9:48you’re not here lies the—yeah—so the point is
9:52you’re honest abt where you are—you want to be here—
9:56you’re not going to get up—you’re not everyone to register
10:00& expose who you are—yeah—bc not heard from only measures workers over
10:05& over—well again this is why they’re here—you get to a place like that too . . .
10:11& states like Georgia what is injured being sued by—
10:15South American countries there—& Alabama
10:19Tennessee on & always absolute—& stars fell on Arizona—
10:23yeah these are all states—there are other things—
10:27& where they coming—you know—they’ve got a strong—or at my house
10:32like so there are a lot of
10:37them now—they won’t go there try it & I know that—
10:41primarily that you are right—grab the No—& important less third beer
10:46& I can—you go one better on—
10:49does not scare you—they I had a blast—
10:52well they might be having a blast—I got a few
10:55looks when they saw my video camera on
10:59you know better I will not let you know they are
11:06raiding my America & abetting be alright—was like yeah
11:09you know copy—& well last time when I
11:13applied to get a life
11:16& contestame jobs in Jersey corporation commission—we don’t have
11:20cops like Arizona—our idea
11:23Arizona go in there & start raising hell & they take basic
11:27information they sd yes you & you look brown come talk to me—
11:30frisking others & excused for doing it—
11:33but yeah it’s a little early this year when you think you’re doing
11:38alright—under certain matters brought are all here—I’ll security number
11:46alright alright this year’s winner—
11:49yr yrs for you have a record—anything that you like that—
11:53I rather not hear—are you?—know—
11:57care—paper—here—okay—luxury goal—
12:01right now—probable—it—to me
12:04probably—yeah morning by one problem . . .
12:08but I had the Oaxacos by the balls—look at what’s going on here—
12:12people . . . no . . . animals—
12:15so I think—you know—outfield play—so is not really been checked out & they’re
12:20not . . . not . . . not . . . no
12:20they’re not diligently doing their job—really verified—
12:24people’s along background—tell abt life—
12:27is it—is it really rough? —dissolved in the . . . know why I didn’t
12:32arm any person who has ended up going after all?—
12:35& I think is already attracting a step further—their asses—
12:39open door to people who I’ll
12:42necessarily work to track—but maybe they have it—
12:45maybe w/ terrorist agendas here—
12:49coming yr way to kill yr kids & they’re gonna come here they're gonna come here
12:53they’re not doing anything on the border & I know it—
12:56they associate w/ Washington all credibility—
13:00but if they don’t live here—calls itself good—right now
13:03there’s an invasion & nobody is going out checking the lines—
13:07okay . . . okay—
13:12look at them processing on paper—you’re right there
13:16runs are right here—
13:19else in the world anything we’re w/—I’ll
13:24warned you abt their—
13:31now they actually warm you up—solid-state applications that rely on
13:36you’ll be fine—rock us—let us—close tho
13:40yr life—yes on—
13:43on—they all looked funded—
13:47or to meet w/—let’s bring this up—but this story that just came out & I
13:51on federal & state—was the woman—now the 95-year-old woman in a wheelchair
13:57at the checkpoint—& here they got her iron citizenship—
14:02taking her depends on getting & getting
14:06& on the other hand we got it—
14:10people plugging into lives—the other track—
14:13situation—& it I’m just making me elevated
14:18& it doesn’t make sense—not the borders—I imagine something
14:22I’ll value forces & what I want to read—what happens to bring yr razor—
14:28always do—resort well protection on the borders—& he was okay w/ the border
14:33bc the extreme value you know he’s one trillion dollars less
14:38some of them are all million dollar borders
14:41& but now we have these
14:44wets living in the back
14:47transfering borders—day what are the old—
14:51are where we’re stranded this time
14:54transporting—oriented time
14:57& you know—all bed bugs & other problems—
15:00 they’re taking care of these
15:04holidays & our borders & not carried out abt borders not really knowing
15:10America or
15:11our business & not really caring what happens to this nation &
15:16you sd that the other artery injured bc . . . I’ll . . .
15:19their carelessness & there is no other doing—
15:23whatever let delivered—yes you know
15:27old—why wd they do it deliberately . . .
15:30was just like—my—all I’ve got a little
15:34track right now who’s coming—no—yesterday morning & brown leather
15:38cultural environment—40 & I’ll—
15:41I showed it to his security there—
15:45I like that—or ok well & no I didn’t last all
15:49at work—but meanwhile you know it doesn’t take the borders that these
15:52people are supposed to be responsible—
15:54or why wd a deliberately going to those courses
15:57just they get my head you know—these borders—
16:00old they might be outdated—her rule of law
16:04just an example—don’t have a new bike—yeah they’re so it didn’t feel so good—
16:09& you don’t find it almost always rather—
16:12still reach out & grab it when these guys but I don’t think greenspan
16:16lead—they don’t read—yeah I understand—yeah
16:20that metal illness—stress & I don’t like a lot
16:24of them back in LA—all the same—hours okay—well
16:28programs—although it will not happen—is our—
16:32as bad—they are . . . there . . . bc borders of—
16:36you people w/ the . . . go back to the handlers—good—
16:42selfdeport what you think when you’re right—
16:45you—no—I just waited two hours—yeah I will be able to hold
16:50I like going there—good luck—& let us know I never—
16:54that’s bc I love & all that wild
17:00bad in the loop—
17:05them people are brown—
17:10more tan & less the man they sey
17:15& their demographics murder me w/ comedy
17:19mass percentages of these mutts—
17:21thru long loops & bronze
17:27be en route—
17:29I—C—E—by & by &
17:35in my nation this homeland good—
17:40we owe nothing to yr nation or yr children—
17:44& we won’t dare allow you in
17:49& we will see you & see thru you
17:51& on into the distance . . .
17:54money hotdamn I mean godly gold & you’ll stare at all that’s mine

Steven Alvarez writes: "I’m a poet of rhetoric and ethnography, and I bring “outsider” linguistic perspectives to my writing. My writing speaks to the contemporary “post”-Xicano experience, amid current immigration debates that touch so many lives in the United States beyond the Southwest borderlands in the twenty-first century. I am the son of Mexican immigrants, and I grew up in southern Arizona. My aesthetic reflects the synergy that composes my hyphenated American identity, and what I deem as my Neo-Baroque Xicano experimentalism. My writing comes from someplace I can’t reach deep within an emerging ethnic consciousness, bounded by words internalized from languages intersecting at borders."
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