Tom Snarsky


The happily know, and a quick dance: curfew the lost are buttonly chromosomal. Deer in, park the. No segregate. Diphthong renegade. Perplexed the sound are poem goingly. The gangrenous, gangly, kaput are. Eastern the. Rapid field. Hurt duat the, melting. In are Arche. Wan. Profligate profligate the. Final progress final star are. Rain dancers abruptly. Marrow pause. Torpors, knowingly, slither the. Are bank purchased humanisms striate.

Vestiges of a Procession

Structure beckons.

Collated deny the silence heretofore myopic martyrdom serial into of hastened brilliance.

Heretical flowers within hysterical lines portents adverbs metastasized into into into...


Entirely entropic in deep hermetic dance.

Nary a rule-follower forges dynastic consequence sequence whence whence WHENCE whence WHENCE

Bereft? Quantifiable sacrifice? Molten shame?

Every one. Every trumpet. Every chroma.

Renegade, he, of heteronymous vision:

Geist’s or gaze’s?


Always already. Echoes through caverns.
Preëxist rapidly. Resistance to elbows.
Meaning always. The sparkle in mortar.
Woman of faith. The end looks like.
Never a noun. Like meaning through.
Dart and like. Without further ado.

Tom Snarsky is a recent graduate of Tufts University in Medford, MA, where he studied mathematics, philosophy, and education. His poems have appeared in The Canon as well as Cricket Online Review. He lives in Braintree, MA, where he is preparing to go back to school to become a math teacher.
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