Amanda Earl

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Amanda Earl's visual poetry has been exhibited in Russia & Canada. Her visual poetry chapbooks include Bone Sapling, a collaboration with Gary Barwin (AngelHousePress), Of the Body (Puddles of Sky Press), une semaine dans la vie de l'alphabet published in "Illiterature III" (Puddles of Sky Press), & a field guide to fanciful bugs (avantacular press) , Her visual poems appear in The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry: 1998-2008 with a mention on the Paris Review website, & also in several online magazines, including DrukenBoat.com's #10, a special issue on visual poetry; The Volta's “Evening will Come,” UnlikelyStories.org & Tip of the Knife, bill dimichele’s site for visual art & poetry. Gary Barwin wrote about Amanda's visual poetry in Jacket2 in an article entitled: What kind of [sic] sense is that?: Amanda Earl and the Synaesthesia of Reading. For more info about Amanda, please visit AmandaEarl.com or connect with her on Twitter @KikiFolle. Amanda's visual poetry blog is eleanorincognito.blogspot.ca.
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