Glenn R. Frantz


She must make some useful object beautiful.
She chafed inwardly as she checked the way they weren't.
She must stop to think much of an open doorway, before it is natural.

Archivists group languages into smooth ponds. For example:

"Why don't you like the impossible?"

"It would hurt me — and I'd want to throw it back.
But I want something funny."

"Well, if you won't take No for an answer,
you'll have to take Yes for a question."

"You see? It was only joking."

And so on. All these books have to be caught.

I do wish I could get out and chop me some more advanced thought
and care for pretty things.
Something is sure to be in danger of being stolen.

After several fruitless attempts: Pineapples.

My Name

To have a book from my room and a distance from my name is a direction to me to my escape and my mind to say that we had not far to have the works of the game in the open will be hard to break it come to introduce you will be willing to say to my face is a dollar and it is the wakeful value of my singing was not prepared to me to consider it was the other reading of the transaction appealed to you tell me to address a question for you ask me to be recalled to do not easily get my face in a copy of my name in want of a like reason for you ought to hear it would be willing to my song was too hard to sing it is a crime that you will be glad to be able to do what you like to have a noisy reputation and that I may have a moment to perfect my motto to have a stop to get my name is a compliment unparalleled for my consolation in my turn to speak to you do not dare to be compared to a card trick for me to you have a hint of comic and I would be unable to indulge in a foreign accent to hope that is a strong antagonist to the name I couldn't be expected to stay with my name is the fathers of my way to the address with a letter from my name to begin with a slight sum of my interest in my father is the idea that I find that you have a study of the latter I would have in spite of my mother and the past was not come to read to a good punishment for you told me to discourage you told me to stay with my seat in a desk in my card to feel that it was in honor of a struggle to be able to see me to hear you to ask me to sit with the feel of my name in a position to claim a class in my secret was the dull part of the reason that I did you have a tinge of my name and we have a struggle and my return to my pride and we have a minute to hear it would not suffice to people with a neighbor of a cluster of the idea that you will be led to do not bear to go to use it would have a part of my look was not wish to pay it was in the store and taking a revelation that I am as alike as one pea in a pod.

By A River

observe restill
a st th

l te sced
yet as as ands,
start from any hue
this hearning silendless
se of

the prought glist
silis to a wood ced oves gol at;
splendlessly whe th dinflue
ne sced he flis anch tre.

sound the lever of pathed of for,
corden and moreen ldere ourse her,
e pr a hinsets
softly stone overnal

whinshe thequend, harden caught
l l te sced

adethers ds chand c as
hin glis air the thinser at
river l and lamp from thought trumet;

observe willow the twilist silight
shy the restills' wide earnings
this head to dark levernal whe
with a wood ced bendless

t hy d to singleth groundlily
any wind wherndeamoved
a st glight forden glis as th stend at darnal
overnin lend, caught silestillow thed yet l

e pr hinsets
and c as at rir lesten.

Horseshoe Geyser

Do not presume to correct the disturbance, to represent an aggrieved square rule, as in chess, with a royal filter to calculate. A pivotal egg for a defensive agate quiet. A pumped-down board in three boxes, where a passive quilt is touching the brass family, wearing a boundary for an animal that contributes the second half of books or the like. The cashier with the maps, and a great continent of crazy gneiss he'd knock the public with. The sea, united, liquefies to shadows. On their mouths and temples, to prevent enclosures, crustaceans seemed to be used. To the trunk, lid would be interpreted as an interior glass placed in the exterior amphibian light-forms; an aquatic mechanism with an unusual instrument design. This is the complete clock-making society. The tallest machines embroidered with pulleys the wide lines of cleaning cables, from weight bound for the swallow in a blue-and-white feedback race. A flickering tail that causes a hundred patterns; the other arts of plaster are flat. By comparison, almost transparent.

Do not presume to correct, the disturbance to represent an aggrieved square. Rule as in chess, with a royal filter, to calculate a pivotal egg. For a defensive agate, quiet a pumped-down board. In three boxes where a passive quilt is touching, the brass family wearing a boundary for an animal, that contributes the second half. Of books or the like, the cashier with the maps and a great continent of crazy gneiss? He'd knock the public with the sea united. Liquefies to shadows on their mouths, and temples to prevent enclosures. Crustaceans seemed to be used to the trunk lid; would be interpreted as an interior, glass placed in the exterior. Amphibian light forms an aquatic mechanism. With an unusual instrument design, this is the complete clock, making society the tallest machines. Embroidered with pulleys, the wide lines of cleaning. Cables from weight, bound for the swallow in a blue-and-white feedback, race a flickering tail that causes a hundred patterns. The other arts of plaster are flat by comparison, almost transparent.

Glenn R. Frantz is a native of southeastern Pennsylvania. His poetry has appeared in publications such as Arsenic Lobster, MadHat Annual, Blackbox Manifold, Cricket, and 3by3by3. His e-books include The Pocket Reference Library (Red Ceilings Press, 2013) and Abstract Syntax (Anopsony Press, 2012). For occasional micropoetry tweets, follow him on Twitter: @GlennRFrantz.
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