Hamish Spark


The successful applicant has
kicked the prophet engine into overdrive
as it gibbers and spits out the reading
‘what statistics? What automatic dice game?
Isn’t it time for our show and tell routine?
                — for I saw the blurst minds of my generation
                                                             and paid full ticket price —
we’ve got it on film, any kind you
mean to say you actually like this sort of thing?
                                                             Like the auto-cannibal,
                like that old electric shock applied to a corpse:
it moves. Little passion
in a haze of antique machinery
(I require it to generate the Hum) and a low budget
diesel flick — brother, can you spare
some low-range frequencies and a talk-wrench?
I require it to generate my Motion Picture Affect
under heavy clouds in the desert, where it has
been threatening to rain for days now
among other aggressive possibilities.

Zetetic Society
—from the certificate of membership to the
Flat Earth International Research Society
and accompanying material
I am a truth seeker
                                                             and a president
and the owner of newspapers in England
and I KNOW the man and the women who are sane
(I do not spin at one thousand miles an hour).
The logical encourage you to have existed
since the beginning of recorded history
contrasted with the unreasoning elect,
who affirm the ten laws of physics
and we can freely prove are called Wilbur.
This one vast flat earth, sea, flat islands and moon
are not deceived by the theory-superstition
of its own free will, government or facts
demonstrated & demonstrable
uncaring and in good standing

Hamish Spark used to be a magician. He lives in the Blue Mountains and sometimes blogs at http://uh-yeah-gee.blogspot.com.au/.
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