Naomi Buck Palagi

Perforations: Chorale

Voice 1

"I am still perfectly free," she says. She
was boasting only yesterday of her freedom.

She is restless, sarcastic, double-tongued, violent. I tried to bring her round with the Apocalypse. I've been interpretting it for the last fifteen years.

the branches of your bonsai should be beautifully shaped by the trimming.

prince, one must do you justice, you do know how to make use of your

a dead knight lying on the altar.

he would have been hotly ashamed of such a man, "for such a man was he."

an Orgueil (pride) has also been secretly generated, which for its part has then constellated a negative pagan demonism, who maliciously slays the Grail King's brother

for about one year

After a year of free growth

Rogozhin laughed but gave no explanation.

Rogozhin laughed malignantly.

ordinary bonsai

he is deeply shocked to hear of his mother's death. Where should he go now?

a maiden on a white mule appears

out of reach of strong breezes, then

place on a shelf.

Voice 2

"Take Adam's body and lay it in the center of the earth, and Melchizedeck shall establish himself there."

go and lay the body of our father Adam in the earth; there shall it rest till the Day of Judgement. These are three valuable words.

Since the resin oozing out of the scion and the stock will bind the two together, the insertion should be done quickly.

nature herself acknowledges the spiritual task. A profusion of important new motifs is here introduced in compact form.

crunch of slow footsteps on the sand of the avenue

the Grail and the lance. The tree did not want to tell him the way, only a chapel with

when the tree is not growing

our so-called progress consists in the fact that we do indeed prohibit revenge.

leave the wires in place until they start to bite into the branches— then remove them and allow the tree to grow freely

this is not the first appearance of the motif of the unavenged murder

the branches should be wired again. Ordinary bonsai

Fill in the space around the roots with peat.

Fill in the space around the roots with peat.

in this situation, the guiding voice appears to be no longer effective.

keep partially shaded and

place on a shelf.

Voice 3

Note the changes undergone by a bonsai through the fourth, sixth, eighth, and tenth years.

Cuttings are best taken and planted either in early spring before new buds appear or,

We are orphans, Lebedyev began, wriggling, but

we have carpinus, grown from seed.

undoubtedly embraces the the idea of the confrontation of the opposites in the square field action, sometimes entranced.

Besides the clamp, an iron bar, heavy cloth or pieces of old rug, a piece of zinc plate, rubber or leather to protect the trunk from being scarred, and pieces of wire are required. Weak trees, or trees that have just been repotted should never be wired, for they may wither and die. Again

Celtic legend is full of it. Pull the branch down to the right.

for about one year

he attacks enlightenment and upholds the bigotry of the twelfth century.

in the case of ordinary repotting

the arrival, on a dun-colored mule, of a loathsome damsel, hideous to behold, as if she had been spawned in hell.

place on a shelf.

training should start in the autumn.

Naomi Buck Palagi has work published in journals such as Spoon River Review, Otoliths, Moria, Eleven Eleven, Blue Fifth Review and Requited. Additionally, she has two chapbooks, Silver Roof Tantrum (dancing girl press, 2010), and Darkness in the Tent (Dusie Kollectiv 5, 2011).

The source texts for the above piece are:
The Japan Bonsai Association, ed., The Master's Book of Bonsai,
Emma Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz, The Grail Legend, &
Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot.
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