Texas Fontanella


Nouveau Espresso

down from postcard mountains
he gives me    the Abyssian flag
the cities    copulating rhythm   s
(vulture wings husk in the dry air),
scavenger fish   on a   black water
rubbish heap to the   sand flies
in Spanish sunlight    doodling
pensive lemurs   in the junk-sick
morning, Only the laughing bones
remain, floating in their frock coats,
bugs under    they   skin the   fires
slow cold   out of iron lungs   bullets
in an aquarium    of    Etruscan
sky … Doctoring was in my blood.
Blue Grass…   Lee’s    neck
shatter   s   in liquid relief

Across the dewy grass, trundling barefoot, the silver pillows
by the abandoned TV that watched as we passed,
I received revelation of the city’s sole, and it stoned us to relieve itself
for we had sighted the flag, the sneakers, the tread ahead,
and it was darker than the pupils in your swimming pool
eyes, but what pierces my memory is his nose,
flatter than roadkill, and yet I stood fearing it would roll away,
along with the rest, the fur-lined sky. Flickering and twisting down
to light the water gushing past the dam of our cut-up
manwhore’s dainty rigor mortis the dogs became
sharks in frenzied traffic and a cat out of nowhere popped
to place head under paw, and a lick offer
before the officers go about the chores
and we back to the great indoors,
ready to stream our trophy, straight
to the power-lines, how they
sway in the breeze.

walloftext.co 2

It Was From The U.S.

Going from brown to blonde, you have
to make sure that the jacket fits, that it’s
enabled in Google Chrome, and is perfect
ly elastic. How else can chlamydia be con

tracted, earthquakes measured, & conclus
ions uttered with scorn for God and seniors?
Considering the parallelisms & savagely
multifacetious structures it delivers in the

dialect of entitlement, it will surely make
money online. I say you have to stop preying
unless you’re religious or just justifying
slavery. Thank you for filling out this survey.

It’s harder to play to tennis on the moon, but
we make do. Last week they sent a teddy bear.


Texas Fontanella is a philosophy undergraduate at the University of Sydney whose work has previously appeared in Otoliths. Amongst other things, he is working on a collection called/of Naked Lunch Poems.
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