Angad Arora

coup le oft hangs f
or aditya bahl

for the hairs &
lungs one
puff each lest arm
godown goup
inflames &tar
-nish shin y var
-nish off of
the off

bigcarcockpitcrotchstomp for an
enroute lungchunkpitstopspit
itchlessscalpscalescartch as en act
-ment of forgetfullness

               *green or blue* never
                bin easy to remember

attempt eyecatch of catchy potent
to seek donation as an ashen

a roses arose is a rows is a rose

. . .
                        is tautology
                                                not   nothing(?)               but(?)
                        is          what(?)
it       is(.)

complicated           as  it  is
everything              is  going

          to       be       just

                   as it is
            when it is so

every one in
  here is in
   -ly      in
by       the    way         ward
and    every    one   else
has   to  come
by                and   by
invitation  only
    to the do
    -or  else

        . . . 

Angad Arora was born brought up in Delhi, India.
Some works have appeared in earlier issues of Otoliths.
Presently studying linguistics at University of Delhi.
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