John Jay Flicker


Old wraith of orange blossoms
in the peculiarity of speech
Vitamin entendre:
All the essentials in our oils,
our caudal aspersions.

Hyacinth in the bone vase
an oval aperture…
Erudition in the vertices
of languid entomology
the lexicon of insects
and all the Lepidoptera.

Avian intelligence reigns,
the partridge, the King:
All the know-how
in the persimmon
the gathering of seeds
the gluttony of sounds

Fiat Gold in Current

Etude magnetism,    the Tudor
Who sold   boxes of     soles     on the pane
Empty-promised      dime-banking
Holding tight to the iron and ingot
     Claustrophobe   in the wire b a n k
Steel door and diameter
Trickle-back up  the silt gutter
             a reverse rain inclusion
When beards pinched the nickel
            cutting coppers in the wood
A fire light and lightning torch
The    give-away    commences
When the nickels left our pockets
Clanking through stone and corridor
Tepid condolence on the view screen
Half torn eyes speak of up shot
Down turns and bleak weeks
A bull horn smile and a buckling
A back out strategy...  
                                       in diamonds.
The cloisters of the monarchs
Regal and the cold regents
         In the fortresses of ivory
        The golden bones of family
   The blood that churns the core
         And tones the tiny weak

John Jay Flicker grew up in the bitumen under the buildings of Los Angeles. He has previously published poetry in Haggard & Halloo, Egg Poetry, Carcinogenic Poetry and LabLit Publications. He currently works in the veterinary industry as a doctor’s assistant and holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cell biology from the University of California Merced.
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