Matt Trease

From an internet of things

something alien as

“me time” and a little

stranger pressed a warning

maps that will help you make

the glorious sound of

the one-way street and you


the product of labour

there, most signs need their

               slippers on bare feet

now you can add forms

               can’t get it down with

               a one-way trip
                             to Mars


the concept of the

nothing here that can’t

footsteps and voices

the person you think

the deafening roar

my time just making


being other than my

little bit of focus

the lepers in your head

why do you say things like

you have a country full

of everywhere I’ve been


old middle-class of self

putting yourself out there

your self are your poems

full of whip-crack, smart

a momentary flash

insight in that great


some Oedipus of the

sub self out there most signs

frankly don’t write any

monetary value

in white send roses to

               [I can’t remember]

Matt Trease is a digital artist and poet currently living in Seattle, WA. His poetry has recently appeared in Burdock, Requited, and Cordite Poetry Review, Filling Station, and Small Po(r)tions. He is the author of the chapbook Later Heaven: Production Cycles (Busylittle1way Designs, 2013).
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