George McKim

42 micro poems for J. D. Nelson

starfish whose
ancient electronics, yore
braille meat beard!

fungii, einsteiner
phragmidium, preeeeening
ein ahk ohm limbph!

brainbow filled with
the green milk of the sun
souring into octobr

breathe into my collar
I apologize for the moonlight
of canteloupe fumes

b&w rainbow.
because the sun’s ilk.
brain me.

some errrrrrrrrrrrrrr,
whose siamese wheelbarrow.

typo? negative.
mows deaf, olde school, I.V. League.
hash tag moonlard

brainwitch hath done
kast ein spail uponst thee

The Froth of July
I apologize for Futbol

batman crashed my luau
brain me up scotty

chang and eng
whose prairie fashion empire

cantaloupe of Mars
whose ambiguous priest
who’s weeping stars?

JuJu the rarest mars
calculates each declining
your flavor postage

when will mars apologize
for the ambiguous priest
whose exponential rocket

why does kerosene
whose lamp black stars
in the yawning clock

the fake mars
(the daisy concatenate)
near the galloping clock

I leak into the ocean
breathe the metaphor fumes
whose spurious formula

reliable angel
whose ghost lamp
exhales the lake

each starving artist
that hangs from a lesser lamp
of rusted stars

a murderer who
pastes clouds above the lake
of amplified ghosts

near the motorway
a symphony of ghosts
stir the ocean

ghost bicycle
suspended above the moan
of the ocean’s highway

because the beard
an antique fire near the arch
oils the bath

garbled poet
(the garbled poet)
whose beard is on fire

another skin without sockets
unnamed asteroids
seed the bath

your alien geometry
the bell around a photograph,
my extraordinary panic

grim milk
of the newspaper
gathers upstairs

twin of 4-D Elvis
whose blood speaks uneasy slang
onto the asphalt

plural oceans of Elvis
whose bearded

when the red gnome,
whose overloaded galaxy,
confesses the sea

when 4-D Elvis,
whose overloaded galaxy,
confesses the sea

yes! 4-D Elvis
sloops past the blood galaxy
whose rong minister

overloaded asphalt
twin pigeons of telephone
whose neural slang

the twin gnomes
whose atmospheric laughter
is a doorway to the sea

this precious road
your specific blood
of analagous grief

listening into
your superficial grief
lunchtime, the shining

from your brain lamp
blooms a garbled poem
for the half-baked girl

from your hair’s guitar
a myriad of stars
moaning in the darkness

a further kidney
like coal ash
in the planetarium

a glowing planet
inside the
VooDoo priest

in total darkness
staggering down the beach
the disillusioned priest

o! bamboo swindle
yer stratosphere of
ambient hairku

A Brief History of the Universe

George McKim has an MFA in Painting. He began writing poetry at the age of 56 and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in Diagram, elimae, The Found Poetry Review, Dear Sirs, Shampoo, Ditch, Glittermob, Cricket Online Review, Otoliths, BlazeVox, Poets and Artists Magazine, The Tupelo Press 30/30 Project and others. His chapbook of Found Poetry Found & Lost is scheduled to be published by Silver Birch Press in 2015.
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