Jack Galmitz

On Line

In the line order
In the line clashing
In the line pauses
In the line marching
In the line anticipation
In the line relations
In the line suppression
In the line measure
In the line heft
In the line fulfillment
In the line suspension
In the line itself

A Pattern of Threads

I like to repeat myself
I like to repeat
I like to...
I just like to
I like
gestures set
gestures memorized
gestures past
gestures present
gestures predicated
on future tenses
wound up
to grind grain
horses walk in circles
in a mill pivoting
a main axle
tethered to it
walking just like this

Jack Galmitz' work has recently appeared in Red Fez (2014) and Empty Sink Publishing (2014). In Switzerland in November 2014, 10 of his photographs were part of an exhibition for charity called 20x20 gallerie. He is the administrator of a photography site called Point and Shoot on the internet.
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