Jim Leftwich

society maps weave parking
flowers fountain influenced
reappear plinths decorative
expressionism ensemble evokes
private context unconnected

briglt society maps weave parking
flowers a la fountain influenced
varic forn reappear plinths decorative
expressionism thu fut ensemble evokes
private context unconnected natur alte

briglt society maps piercing tastes
weave shaped styles parking
flowers a la intuitive beauties
fountain cutting chicken influenced
varic forn reappear transmogrify
plinths plasticine decorative
expressionism thu goo ghost fut
ensemble twigs antechamber evokes
private context unconnected perception
natur alte tincture dimensions

conflagration the briglt society maps
piercing persist suburban tastes
weave shaped provoked styles
parking underlying violence
flowers a la confrontations flowed
intuitive occult suit beauties
fountain cutting melting beans chicken
influenced primary flat sewer grant
varic dismantled model forn reappear
transmogrify required relocated
plinths single-family boom
plasticine borders working-class
accumulation denying decorative
expressionism distressed thu goo
ghost fut household commonplace
ensemble twigs neighborhoods after
school antechamber evokes properties
private critical context speculators
unconnected redlined perception
invested natur alte tincture repairs
dimensions fruit host whispered

conflagration box briglt society maps
influenced reenacting flat sewer grant
varic first model forn reappear
transmogrify when relocated
plinths special family boom
plasticine so working-class
accumulation text decorative
expressionism moments thu goo
ghost scenes household commonplace
ensemble promises neighborhoods after
school cycle evokes properties
private coconuts context speculators
unconnected quipped perception
invested considerable alte tincture
repairs dimensions undertakes host
whispered piercing various suburban
tastes weave appreciate provoked
styles parking those violence
flowers picture confrontations flowed
intuitive questions suit beauties
fountain theorist melting beans chicken

fountain theorist melting tripod
expressionism moments sanitized
ghost scenes calories
ensemble promises veneer
school cycle billowing
private coconuts chisel
unconnected sinking
varic first model hegemonic
transmogrify purified
plinths special mud
plasticine so adventures
accumulation remnants
repairs dimensions hammer
whispered piercing retracing
tastes weave incapable
styles parking familiarity
flowers picture static
intuitive questions sensed
invested considerable shell
conflagration box briglt claws
influenced reenacting flat flows

conquest first model hegemonic
centering purified
the commons special mud
maintenance so adventures
installment remnants
television dimensions hammer
watering piercing retracing
expanded theorist melting tripod
cloaked moments sanitized
ideologues scenes calories
endangered sinking
World War II weave incapable
developers parking familiarity
sweeping picture static
fringes questions sensed
Roanoke considerable shell
progressive box briglt claws
housing reenacting flat flows
nothing promises veneer
reclaiming cycle billowing
anthropophagic coconuts chisel

in Baltimore conquest first model
are middle class hegemonic
centering societies condone
purified the
implicated fully
special flows real
estate pressure health nothing
promises veneer official reclaiming cycle
billowing years anthropophagic coconuts
departments chisel institutions
mud forget
maintenance so
destructive adventures Roanoke
associations considerable shell private
progressive box agreements claws violation
committed urging housing reenacting
flat inspectors installment
remnants concluded
television dimensions
hundreds hammer developers
parking values familiarity sweeping
picture quarantined static fringes questions
sensed residential watering similar
piercing retracing World
War II
class policies
incapable isolated federal
protests expanded theorist melting
tripod proposals prohibiting cloaked moments
implementing sanitized ideologues scenes
training calories endangered sinking
tempted response

destructive adventures
Roanoke promises venee
r official recla,iming
cycle implicated fully
special flows real est
ate pressure health no
thing billowing y,ears
anthropophagic coconut
s departments chisel i
nstitutions are middle
class hegemonic center
ing societies cond,one
purified the mud forge
t commission tripod pr
oposals prohibiting cl
oaked moments implemen
ting sanitized ideolog
ues scenes training ca
lories endangered sink
ing tempted response p
iercing retracing Worl
d War II weave class p
olicies incapable isol
ated federal prot,ests
expanded theorist melt
ing commons in Baltimo
re conquest first mode
l maintenance so assoc
iations considerable s
hell private televisio
n dimensions hund,reds
hammer developers park
ing values familiarity
sweeping flat inspecto
rs installment remnant
s concluded unequal pi
cture quarantined stat
ic fringes questions s
ensed residential wate
ring similar progressi
ve box agreements claw
s violation commi,tted
urging housing reenact

destructive adventures
Roanoke promises
official recla,iming
cycle implicated fully
special flows real
ate pressure health no
commons in
re conquest first mode
maintenance so
hell private
dimensions hund,reds
hammer developers park
values familiarity
sweeping flat
installment remnant
concluded unequal pi
quarantined stat
fringes questions
ring similar
box agreements claw
violation commi,tted
urging housing reenact
thing billowing y,ears
anthropophagic coconut
departments chisel i
are middle
class hegemonic center
societies cond,one
purified the mud forge
commission tripod
oaked moments
scenes training
lories endangered sink
tempted response
War II weave class
federal prot,ests
expanded theorist melt

recla,iming implicated fully
flows real pressure health no
in conquest first mode
so private
hund,reds park
familiarity flat
remnant unequal pi
adventures promises
theorist melt
stat questions
similar agreements claw
commi,tted housing reenact
billowing y,ears coconut
chisel i middle
hegemonic center cond,one
the mud forge tripod
moments training
endangered sink response
II weave class prot,ests

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