John M. Bennett


eye gas eye gas eye
gas eye gas eye gas
eye gas eye gas eye
gas eye gas eye gas
eye gas
POOL gas eye
gas eye gas eye gas
eye gas eye gas eye
gas eye gas eye gas
eye gas eye gas eye


the spores

dis tressed floor days
falked off ,went wh
over th ,en c rispid
too : t horn wait b
ut weigh dust left

run                 run

seys sings , dr ape rain
, effor c loud a , b read if
t ape t ime . o ther e lon
g ate half a rio d raft
s lag comb yr p late
fall of f

headache at the fence

ever solved the st
unned p age blur
ed with ants and
acne n ame yr ph
one a feral cat
in time for no
odle soup the
corn fell out yr
eyes the chiken
off al tered
dirt mud sh
it the dog
park remember

corner of the un
i verse the
univ erse a sp
here rolling at
ah flooded dit ch

your faucet your fog

I was drippy writ
yr afterbirth a
p age in dented
leg or and comb
larger thru the
gglass printed
with my nnose

your head on a plate

darling laundry nape
for me im portant
shale c lankking in
your dryer shadow
of a fork you tw
ist for me ist
for   ,you                 ?

lapse bark

down sn arl d
oor's chew an
g ate aflation s
pend the core uh
floor b ent

seen yr dog

lose the words

chew soap why
creep a head nor
why the crum
pled leg inten
ded to dexplain
nor foams the
lake rejection
forms the sh
ape was lost

dropped in the dark box

wind and bark yr
mailed neck or st
ring debate’s ]en
velope dull of dust[
saliva’s the sharp
bit bedogged yr er
clover nates the
circular park

]sttrrrutted through the aad dresst [

…ost when the trrrr circular
- Olchar E. Lindsann

hush shhhh

the piano lake half
shot bacon maid
gleaming through the
shut sky unconscious
foyer durational vowels
uhconscious pages route
or anthill click click c
lick along the border
fluidities a region of
clothespins dust and
theater history dur
ational water tumbles
through the magnets
slime hill horses
navigate the floodplain
lots of splinters and
a ruined circle ,pink
invertebrates fixed
against the wind a
scattered word neo-
occupant refridgera
tor flame waste’s the
steps blaze yes yes
scattering yes scat
tering the 50 years of
milk fungus neoplatonic
puffball sleepwalking
at the top of the stairs

Made of Scraps from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 87,
2014; & Ivan Argüelles’ “rochester 24”, 2014.

put it in the basement

boiling h ash a
stormy dump in
side a thr one
con dition gak
o phonics soil
ed the aspirina
s stuck in deep
your ear a wor
m foametic was
yr mouth should

drip and shine

your tasteless storm your
opulent fork col
lection halfway t here
n or b ack the esper
ant o rdure sm ears
yr mouth its
coff in he rent o ver
due and stagn ant b
lood pools yr
shoes glow ben
eath the bed yr
box of Special Books
your silent wind your
bread frays
peeling air

the stroke mastication

dark an fog re
suction open f
lag yr chest a
drumming soup
or wetland regrowth
faster ogstorm
loss of F yr
aceless aze con
amination o it's
ectodimic stark
and brims ben
eath the streets

...weather use or cobbing
if the stitches, if...
- Vicente Huidobro, trans.
by Nick L. Nips

I gagged on your sandwich

could spell and die the
louder short reballed
on's shirt I'm ashed
I'm ashed to ,able
f laked the headless
sank the head's what
sink ,rests among the
swelling rocks the
lettric roof or silt
you s poke yr g
ash in tongue just
s mouldered tongue
just formed an b
ack the back the word

endometric ham yr
burbled breast
- Jack A. Withers Smote


the dream of a shopping cart
is your dream of a shoe
in the bottom of a lake
your dream of a book
slowly turning in a
toilet the dream of a
burning shopping cart
is the dream of a mountain
shedding its lint of
human beings the shopping
dream cart is a dream
of a forest of laundry
scattered in wind in the
wind of the shaking earth

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