Vernon Frazer

Boarding Water

     imbroglio pellagra 
geodesic implorers upending
   its inscrutable nomenclature

interim colonials station 
folio diplomats 
tension uproar 

passions   cast
raw portfolio casing   to
      a marginal cavalier       legend

no dice included

caustic castigation routes cast
the untold persuasion continents       moral
to windy hostages jowl to gut                  engagement
      a corollary endangerment
    deplorable intrusion
         flagons to the best wind left

     motive  of the western
    launched  legend       

a spliced interference

sheet trials flail      as cask invader
in the ancient clipper haze       every water

left no message for rendering

pitfall illusion barges the vicar 
       a slow illumination disease barters
      aphasic simulacrum heading slow dicta
a grim-lipped aporia
deterring dyslexic sidecards

       a low-hand bid

where ice matters desiccate the wandering oasis

Calling out all Contributors

we need your fractured mosaic


the fragments of a paragram
disputations worn to thin veil
cast your pleasantry rhumba

nightly fisticuff montage
a slow premonition creeps
while decimals wander


catacomb legend derails omnibus attachment metier


your fragment equals right
when a mural leads my beheading
and its plasma towers wilt

lecture vacuums precede themselves

corollary fungal voids
determine avid lecture clans
a three-piece hot pursuit

at variance akimbo liver styx delivers


apiece means more than one
divided, shared or undecided
plastic merchant seats derail

market forces marked for extinction

closeouts left them
in shortened supply
and bared ankles

no revelation too good for wandering


no forest seeks its pilgrim night
a stance of matter pitted to rest
while the collage students party

too bright for their own words
their wail bounces brick to red
my course stark but distinctive

renders lawn tosses against mowed grain


omnibus legends retail catacomb detachment letters

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