Chris Moran

from Chant of the Nether-Spheres

Fire is a mirror                               the deceiver of all that dreams      a source of horror
for the outer arts                            these atonal spheres             act as the overlord of
language                            golden triangles and                twisting light columns
a fractal tapestry               traversed                by a systematic impulse

Spores of illusory blur                  in the book of Mnemosyne                            the scarlet
dragon                               one being with the monad
practicing the fine art of dissolution                through the memory of water
through the psychic strata of dream                               these shards of nothingness shall
perish                in alien ether


In the skin of the sky                lurking in the realm of shadows                unity of mind
unity of presence                unity of absence                the vertical abyss                propels
               dimensions in spectral time

Through a forgotten god's agency                a reflection through eternity in the
central intelligence matrix of the abyss of black thought

This world is an illusion         said the                glass rhomboid cube                hovering
over the ocean                            in a dream where the sky
was black during the day        and lightning spread through the
firmament like halos                in the cirrostratus

Chris Moran is the author of GHOSTLORD (Solar Luxuriance), Night Giver (privately released) and Poison Vapors (Solar Luxuriance). He lives in Columbus, OH.
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