Russell Bennetts & Rauan Klassnik

At The Flamboyant II

(a crowd murmurs)
A Spanish radical, an Israeli radical and a Serbian radical walk into a bar.
Pay me a nothin’ wage if you’ve heard this one before.
(a crowd raptures)

A dying, one-barrelled joke
The duck beds down
And purrs. Hand-grenades
And hiccups
(exeunt crowd)

sauntering through the old olive trees
drops of love, sparkling
in the shadows of AK-47s
(all the clichés withered)

hunch-punch lines
punch lines
punch lines
(pillow talk)

Blurred Mouth Shining

Across and up and the Museum of Where Y’all Shouldn’t Go. Opiates and dope-a-mean meaningful stop before meaningful turf wars on a glottal stop scale. Family planned obsolescence and a red lobster’s tail n a red snapper that bites.

Let’s get in a boat and flail about all yon’s ocean’s beauts. Sometime let’s coral our necks and barnacle each little loving knuckle. Time’s slow, like a yo-yo. I am the bird, shoulder and swoop. The horizons fold in. Then out. Don’t even whisper “Love”

The Family Restaurant’s evil. Evil waitress and her eyeful of net, anchor, plague, plague, plague. And the two-for-one’s got horns, hoarse and Morse. Hoarded and burnt in tar. O, iambic dreams of slipping, littering and lettering.

The music stops. Thank God. There ain’t much time. Thank Godot.


We’re snake-thumping,
                that's it.

Russell Bennetts is the editor of Berfrois and Relentless (2014). He lives in London.

Rauan Klassnik is the author of Black Ocean: Holy Land (2008), The Moon's Jaw (2013) and Sky Rat (2014). He lives in Seattle.

Together they founded Queen Mob's Teahouse.
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