Tim Wright

slumming waterfalls

my muffled boomerangs
these silicon cliffs
bring small commotions
now the thought is floated
and bends around corners
bringing heavenly boredom
and deracinated sleep
is patiently assembled
into hydroponic kits
of rustling hessian
a deep humument


say ‘wind’

         and  the  force  that  bears  it

                                   remains its own

                                                                    churning between the leaves

                                            ‘will I wake up Australian?’

                the lights deepen

                                                         willy willies sweep

                                                                              down Royal Parade

                                                                                                    after Leviathan

Two Found Poems

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Tim Wright has had poems in several recent issues of Otoliths; others appear occasionally at swimswam.wordpress.com.

‘4.5.15’ above takes a line/question from Michael Farrell’s poem ‘sprinter’.
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