harry k stammer

1964 one death
"many" paper list'd them one
"who is your father?" (by one) after (another) lies
kissed face old "a rose" push up another (ed)
"look, no no no, this isn't" no killer wooed, no one

saving (pocket) quarters "a pile of 'em" back
floating "didn't you?" pick up (a) street and the "go"
1965 another "you said, down" paper delivered weekdays oil (discoveries)
other counting "foot to foot" length bugs under the door under

the (painter) moved in "mom, who is this?"
five thousand (a) vial of oil (crude) Oklahoma "from
a field test" back (not) record player "my father?" just
"stop staring at me!" a father walks (assumed) sidewalk broken

"most of this stuff"
another breath (kidney) pain
(left) scri (bble) (s) tongue (rolling) off and
both lower back (sense) "isn't really" bend (ing)
"working, so far" just (a pull) "one, bad back" lean left

"don't drag me" away "I can't beg, anymore"
from (a) chair a (bed) an (intravenous) line tape'd
several (fatuity) strong arms holding (it) "where does it go?"
down (with little) weight'd "stuffy room, uh." hands held against (me)

consequences (acceptance) "of less than" forgiving (ness) empty
"stepped back" room sheets (curtain) pain (in) steps down
up (flashing) lifting (up) four hands holding (that) "over
here on the pillow" headache (poison) through no door (just) "stoned"

"starting moving into"
another body (of) water "this horizon"
level (not) crep (uscular) "reaches alter (ed) "you
get it…" past (another figured) sticking up/out "an imperfect" start
dribbling (amnesia) left to right "extant" pale (drawn out) "it's not

a substance" light (off) over the awning "one
hand held" under (as well) blink pale (drawn)
reach over "I can't see it" over boundary (esq.) "you
know, time… space" nostalgia; (no) not end "it's not over, then

it's" tract (digestive) cavity (darker) appear'd partial "beginning
or ending" (non) shadow "no waning moon" (crescere)
pulling down (pulling force'd) fill'd truck "cut off" step'd up
sidewalk (memory) back'd in (lift) dumped continuing (to) advance (to)

harry k stammer is a writer and musician who lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA USA. His books include every beyond’t nothing (persistencia), tents (Otoliths), and grounds (Otoliths).
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