Sam Langer

4 Psychic Poems With Tim Wright

a. 28.5.14, 2-3pm

something weird home baby tomb oil
ask read
flapping deep in meals of oil

lying in a chair of oil booked flehs of…
some whatever beams weigh me
where I’ll find a basket of fruit under
these big conditions
the sawn just
wanted to hang out on the roadway that's all

swan life in a seed bin
and each consequent failure of autopilot
makes a hectic plasma tirade on a fork
stiff the elemental creatures
the elephantine loss creepers
the forcèd blip heading wound squad
a distant disk finishing off greenland

b. 31.5.14, 4am

see this round up in advance
all one except for one
take blame for fake clique
some poetry umpires drifting around
definitely not psychic
rather, idiots
people obsessed with difficulty
are idiots

c. 1.6.14, 11am

what's 4 plus 7
they're not quite diamonds
& if you can't see them
does that make them
does that make them
it's not you reading
or moving in
shuffle shuffle shuffle, mr.
thanks for the ecosystem

d. 2.6.14, 6pm

In formal intercourse only a third person can be mocked
it lacks the essentials
memorise Prague texts
the owner of the house

Is there anything more chilling
than "really exciting project"
perhaps "get on board"
or "I am the last

inorganic silt
gel pufflets
Malcolm Bradbury invented the Cambridge literature Centre
this thing is dying out in 1993… chair… Motion… Byatt... Dickens

they only start their celebrations now

Sam Langer is from Melbourne and lives in Berlin. Recent publications, Cug A Part (finite moans, 2015); Topaz (Bulky News Press, 2015).

He writes: "In 2014 or 2013, Tim Wright and I started writing “psychic poems”. The idea (at least according to me) was for each of us, at the same time, to write the poem that the other person would write (whether or not that meant that each of us had to write the poem that the other person would write if they were writing the poem that the other person would be writing (while they were writing the poem that the other person would write, etc) I don't think we knew). For plenty of the poems, “at the same time” – which was also the thing that was meant to make it psychic – ended up being fairly to extremely flexible, although it probably could have been made more calculable."
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