Sean Bolton

Breath Shallow

Wish   for you   wish
      incant       I can
destroy by voice   what fold
      it relapse   I follow
the wrap   to the outflow.
A foraging   this being   undone
      implant      forest grown
fierce   my idyll   satyr
      celibate     sold out
from under   the scar.

Boozing the breakthrough
      fletched      to flight
offer a thread   of palimpsest
      offend          in light
coded arson   visitor   in REM
      I recognized   you 
unarmored   what you are
      you remain     a panic
of morning   a hand   in hand
      proof    of life.

If We Fail

Run out the trend 
                              of mourning,
         angel murders 
    and mold in 
the grouting. 
               We are unworthy
 of grief.   I want 
    the vision of 
the hanging
                                 thief that felt
      tomorrow  and I 
           shadow under
soil to self-betrayal.
    Hold to the hell of it, 
                 I must admit
                              I love this worm 
        and faith is not
belief, faith is doubt.

               Wonder is grace.

Sean Bolton is a writer and teacher, living in Dubai, UAE. He has also taught at universities in Arizona, Tennessee, and Taiwan. He has previously published poems in journals such as Prism International, Mad Hatters’ Review, and Sage of Consciousness. His chapbook, A Passion, was published in April of 2010 by Gold Wake Press.
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