Tony Beyer

from Precautions


the dice are blank
on all six sides
and both must land
on the same spot on the board
to make the number

there are many miscasts
and false hopes
before each throw settles
and the result is agreed

so rarely is there
a decisive outcome
that sometimes generations
have passed before their
ancestors’ stake can be reclaimed


small men
with large heads

Lawrence of Arabia
James K Baxter

a lot going on in there
while the body struggles to keep up


for Roger Hickin

the hardest part is
translating the words

between the words
between the lines

you have to rely
on the reader for those

Moving Target

in the movie
starring Paul Newman

Archer became Harper
an elevation

from the sagittary
to the angelic ranks

and how wooden
Newman appears now

who was such a throb
of the sixties

an actor who
never bothered to act

until very late
in Road to Perdition

when time had rearranged
that enamelled physiognomy

into a kind
of sorrowful wisdom


it was a
bookish occasion

so I wore
a dust jacket

Tony Beyer is writing and teaching again in Taranaki, NZ.
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