Anne Gorrick

Summer Former Without Being Gorgeous

after At the Beach 1966
(a perfume from CB I Hate Perfume by Christopher Brosius)




An exact recreation of a beach
circa 1966
and the lies we spend as currency on a hot day
Vague beachcombing fills your nose
The Atlantic interprets the Pacific
There are moment-length details
on American-made beaches likes this one
Swimming pool littoral
as if you had your beach
You walk along floating wood
I've never smelled 45-year-old suntan lotion before
Right away it has a similar lush green and
floral aspect to something beloved but unpurchased
The florals are turned up a notch
The sea air is playing a role here
but I wonder if it's simply because we think
the beach "smells like suntan lotion"
or vice versa
from being so used to that association

                                                            A tanning hermitage
                                                            Maldives beatitudes
                                                            There is a camera inside her body
                                                            What Chinese year is 1966?
                                                            Is the world going to end on Saturday?
                                                            An Exorcist’s scary and exclusionary rules

[Long-lasting, close wearing Coppertone suntan lotion from 1967 / blended with a new accord of the North Atlantic / Imagine it's about 4 o'clock on a golden summer afternoon and you've been at the beach all day rubbed with Coppertone suntan lotion / As the title implies, he’s spending a day at the beach / He gets thrown off the bus / and has to walk 4 miles]

                                                            Go to a weight scale company
                                                            and find out the exact location of your soul
                                                            What is the exact science of matrimony or
                                                            the nature of our wings?
                                                            Watches rhyme with their replacement parts
                                                            There is revenge in her replica handbag

Later, the brightness starts to fade
though I wonder if the note progression
in a "water perfume" would be slower
because the solvent sticks around longer
but still hasn't totally crossed over
There are standard suntan lotion notes (partially violet?)
I'm not sure I'd use it myself

                                                            Recreation therapy
                                                            Hairline crimescene
                                                            The heart chamber of a hurricane
                                                            A horse in East Aurora is being abused
                                                            Connecticut haunts its waterbottles
                                                            This poem may have formed from
                                                            a self-luminous sphere of gas

I own four scents which are meant to resemble suntan oil/lotions
Some of them get the suntan lotion note completely right:
Bond No. 9 Fire Island and Jean Patou Chaldee
Some of them remember to include the smell of sun-warmed skin:
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
Only one of them remembers to add
the ocean

There is a strict recreation on this beach
Lie against the day as if it was used to you
You, its own summer
An indistinct beachcomber filled up this perfume
the way sand feels in your nose
It feels as if we are traveling for the second time
to the Pacific ocean for the sake of certain thoughts
Summer former without being gorgeous
with the faithful interpretation you feel
The details which pass for summer
Beaches high on America
If either one of us could capture the length of a beach
an inland sea would die at your pools
A bottle of Coppertone hits the ground
Floating shells, wet sand

Oh I'm in heaven
I would recommend this
especially when you need to be transported
to warmer climates to run away from winter
His fragrances are memories in a bottle

                                                            Barefoot holidays mean a cold winter
                                                            She sings cocktail songs
                                                            Solstice dresses, the moon’s feminine wash
                                                            a novelized desire

[At The Beach 1966 opens with some tropical florals / a synthetic but pleasant tuberose / In the depths of winter / I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer - Albert Camus / What am I smelling? / Besides "coppertone, crushed seashells, and ocean air"? / I think I'm smelling dandelions and grass? / Atlantic Beach - 1966 5:04. Watch the Later Errors at Atlantic Beach – 1966 by the SandAndPalms Family]

                                                            Write a sonnet about the Spa Arcadia
                                                            Cast spells over this water
                                                            Hammocks of laboring sentences hang over remembered
                                                            Spell the words “lime” or “acid battery” quietly to
                                                            Add “Lyme Disease” into the lyrics of your song

The smell of Coppertone
on warm skin
would surround me
Then I’d unroll my towel
and the breeze would blow in from the surf
and I’d get the smell of the salt spray
from the waves crashing
followed by the smell of sand

                                                            “Lying to be perfect is the most fun,” she said
                                                            A bed like the hands of god, the bible gutters with
                                                            The snow fell in exactly in the same position twice
                                                            Summahtime swim coupons
                                                            The summer sulks at the solar system

After the Coppertone accord fades
there is a strong salty, ozonic accord
which mimics the surf
followed by an iodine-laden accord
which evokes the wet sand under that surf
The top notes are very much like hanging out in a marina
It switches from the smell of crashing surf and sunshine on the sand
to that of pure human sweat
with a dandelion smell to it







1966 in strict recovery
Like reclines against the day
Is it as hot as you are used to?
The clay tones of a distant, indistinct beachcomber
The way the ocean shimmers overs you
like a concern for travel
Thoughts lead toward wonderful details in a high America
The inland sea dies like a puddle on your beach
You smell the lotion, its bronze color, his jaw
Facts examined hit the floor
There are beaches, copilots, harmonies, universities
Particularly because of this one prepares, is new, mix is
Note a few other things:
the upper sections of swimming
hints of sand and wood
wet promenades

The first five minutes is a tremendous aquatic gift
that if I walk down a street
any stranger would ask, “What is this?”
But my god
can anything in this world be so good?
Of course not

                                                            Wind story, wind fable
                                                            Add a solar flare to the drink in my hand
                                                            Calculate the number of angels and moon
                                                            that have been tattooed since the beginning of time
                                                            Has there ever been a yoga airshow?
                                                            The sympathetic nervous system makes drawings of our

[This is a community dedicated to the art of wet shaving and men's grooming / A day at the beach with Lilli like red wine / A shot of a crowded beach with tons of kids playing in the water and then a little vintage Coppertone scent / Look no further than At The Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume / It's amazingly realistic / A flashback to the beach of childhood vacations, Christopher Brosius' childhood, I suppose / 1966 was before my time]

                                                            Scars remind us that the past is real and science gets done
                                                            The scent of rain and lightning, papaya, a missing
                                                            The tango is missing from our speech
                                                            Cutgrass placid cows, cocaine and cornstarch
                                                            Of course I could be wrong in both Spanish and French

At the tenth minute or more
the ozonic note exhausts into
an irritating banal scent we know well
from the cheap detergents with names like "ocean breeze"
After an hour or so the irritation of it disappears
and the clean cheap laundry smell
turns into one where you would decide
to change the sheets
on the next washing day

                                                            I studied at the Coppertone Academy
                                                            There was a massacre with wind
                                                            sable, gravel, sea
                                                            Cupids foam over classics
                                                            Seapiano plays “The Sun will Set only for You”
                                                            She walks frameless, cakeless
                                                            She tried filling her own teeth with poolwater
                                                            What is your name in Japanese cosmetics?
                                                            She’s covered in nostalgia piercings

An amazing beach fragrance
and I usually detest ocean scents
The notes include:
summery sand, jasmine, sea spray
dianthus dune flower, neroli petals, driftwood
with help from the more synthetic smell
of drugstore tanning oil
heating on the skin
It’s clearly a reference ritual to the beach
rather than the landscape itself
along with Memory of Kindness and Winter of 1972

Day exists like a rumor
It’s hot weather: you
The summer sun fills us with
an indistinct fragrant material
The way that travel cares for summer
You are absolute in the details of your beaches
Summer might adopt a prisoner’s length of chain
Home dies against the waterhole in your beach
The lotion’s smell, Coppertone, strikes the floor
Beachnotes that are harmonious, almost Christian
in that they retain the wet of swimming
The upside part of planks
Sand, wood take a walk together

I was born in 1966
I absolutely LOVE the scent of today's Coppertone
This perfume does not smell like that
HOWEVER, every time I smell it, it immediately
transports me back to a lovely summer day
when I was a young child in the early 1970s
learning macrame at Christian summer camp

                                                            Fractured, Hollywood has become an injectable clothing
                                                            Foreign objects, credentials, colonial times
                                                            Commit a crime on a tenor saxophone
                                                            Can you perform your art only in regard to tourism?
                                                            Brosimum alicastrum photographics
                                                            There are haunted woods in her family name
                                                            This was a real nice clambake inspired by very little
                                                            Let’s make note of the therapeutic chain of events here
                                                            Bountiful, supernatural Amtrak

[The grandest of the beach fragrance genre / Two Figures on the Beach in its gloriously muted greens / He offers dozens of accords (singular notes like Black Currant and Lipstick) / and perfumes like In the Library and At the Beach 1966 / Lab-like, minimalistic / I dare you to resist a description like this / Pet Sounds is the eleventh studio album by the American rock band The Beach Boys / released May 16, 1966 on Capitol Records]

                                                            The pain in future Decembers
                                                            Let’s color in some basic toys
                                                            Skeleton lute sushi
                                                            His golden eyes, her needs
                                                            His story bracelet made perfect in our weakness
                                                            His sun in in my eleventh house. I wear sunglasses
                                                            His sun machine, his ongoing venting crisis
                                                            Nose idiom and the normality of crime

The first and only fragrance
to move me to tears
For years I have been searching
for a scent that would evoke the notes
of Coppertone suntan lotion
sand, surf and the general feel of a summer crowd
Once I learned of this fragrance
(and how much it cost)
I purchased a decant
to try it out. I couldn't get it out of the packaging fast enough
I immediately applied it to my wrists
rubbed them together, and took a whiff...and I cried

                                                            Her drift treaties oscillate among the
                                                            whelks, white-sided cedars, whirlpools
                                                            Which way should a ceiling fan turn?
                                                            Which tv bridezillas are divorced now?
                                                            Accurate wetsuits
                                                            We thirst for the pinks in Lubbock
                                                            I give you a doll, a jacaranda, a sugar pill
                                                            I like the way you lie
                                                            Adjacent theaters of angel sharks
                                                            Remember that the Atlantic and the Pacific are connected
                                                            Give an abstract example of an absolute ruler
                                                            an abstract noun, an abscess

I was suddenly transported to
Rockaway Beach in the early 1960s
where my grandparents rented a house for the summer
Sadly, it doesn't seem to last very long
and as it fades, it loses its very essence
However, while it does, I can't stop smelling my wrists
which of course, makes me tear up again






Some days are messages from 1966
and a beach in strict recovery
The sun has filled up the copilot’s eyes with indistinct beaches
Our sea way, the “you” in you
The idea must feel approximately like summer
Relate a reliable explanation
How you are absolutely wonderful with detail
How the beach leads to summer, to America
Anyway, we look for form there
The family dies and any waterhole is your beach
the you before the questions
The bronze color, once examined, hit the floor
Your lower jaw becomes a bleached note upon a beach

The smell of vintage Coppertone
my memory yardstick
is the brown bottle my mother
used to bring to the beach in 1972

                                                            Free criminal background checks, free ringtones
                                                            Brilliant earth distinctions
                                                            Tutorials compensate the sky
                                                            There are abrasives in her asylums
                                                            Flatware humectant pomade in vibrant colors
                                                            Terrifying orthodontists like bold horses
                                                            define failure codes

[Pure heat and sunshine in a bottle / This is the scent of warm skin covered in suntan lotion and fresh ocean water mixed with hints of: burning leaves, cedarwood tea, gathering apples / As nice as it sounds, spray it on your clothes / Strange and real / Travel Journals: or Sunning at the Haunted Beach / Already feeling nostalgic for your recently-ended beach weekend? / Gisi at the Beach (1966) Water Color - 11" x 8.5" The sand and Gisi are element Earth, the ocean is charcoal / SOLD]

                                                            Intervene in interior designs
                                                            Of dreams
                                                            Of tongues
                                                            Of dreams
                                                            Of labs
                                                            Of clouds
                                                            Of clock drawings
                                                            Cascades of Robert Desnos

Also it has a strong note
of zinc oxide which is interesting
because you don't normally get that
It is not tropical or pina-colada smelling at all
It is more “chemical” as they say

                                                            Cloud storage and clay created this story
                                                            A language for this does not exist yet
                                                            OP Classic Corduroy surf shorts
                                                            What is the concentration per capita of cocktails
                                                            in Atlantic City?
                                                            Beech tree windowbox, torch clearance
                                                            A beach theme instead of a beach
                                                            Bleach where there is no heart
                                                            There is no frigate like a book, a free lunch
                                                            There is no off switch for the genius switch

ALSO what's pretty genius
is the note that remains after you've worn it for a while
The smell of clean sweat (salty/outdoors – exactly the smell if you've
been out exercising or outside all day at the beach)
Other people seem to gravitate toward me
when I'm wearing it

Time passes in you like rolls of Japanese paper
The beach is indistinctly combed by a lost copilot
Sun fulled our way, it’s sea, the “you” in you
The idea must feel approximate
Summer pilots our Coppertones into wonderful detail
She leads summer to the beach
in an highly American form
The family dies, water punctured a beach and
everyone of note is sucked into sandcrab holes
Even before you, there were questions
how you smelled like lotion already
how you transformed, bronze, out of someone’s lower jaw
You are consequently harmonious, but they wished you were Christian
a material preparation especially for their perfumes
Questions will always hold back your wet and alert swimming
The corridors of wood and sand
Really, walk through these components

It smells like a summer-sexy memory
It’s my little secret
Not a lot of women are going to be wearing it
It took a bit of research just to find it
and I'm not a price snob, but at $80/bottle
it excludes a wearer who is just going for a trendy thrill
Remember the original Coppertone sunscreen in the pink bottle?

                                                            He was not marked as serializable, singular or plural
                                                            The ordinary family has been canceled
                                                            Desert cities instead of a beautiful, comprehensible
                                                            Money in paper pixels
                                                            How many people have logged onto this poem?
                                                            Perfumes that smell unforgivably like light blue
                                                            Enhancing drugs like Burberry, or personality

[At the Beach 1966 transported me to the shores of New Jersey and Long Beach Island where the sun the surf the sand and Coppertone converged / I fetched a vial and thrust it under his nose / With an upward roll of the eyes he inhaled / Does my popularity surprise you? / The exceptional violet-inspired cinema in mixed media and collage on paper / Some people love heavy scents that can be detected the moment they walk into a room / Others don't / Since we are now (semi) responsible grown-ups, we'll wear At the Beach 1966 by CB I Hate Perfume to make us feel like it's summer]

                                                            We’ve been booed, only to come this far on faith
                                                            We’ve entered an endless recursion in time
                                                            We’ve established that you are
                                                            a portable oxygen concentrator

We would play in the salty waves
all day long until our skin began to burn
then run back to our towels to reapply sun lotion
At the end of the day
when I collapsed into a happy exhaustion:
this is the essence that still clung to my skin and hair

                                                            Everslim healthy people, easy-start motorcycle batteries
                                                            Elderberries in Spanish alcohol not drinking
                                                            His own household managed change and ambiguity
                                                            He was a synonym for stress during the holidays

I am 15 years old
and I have slept on the beach in my 16 year old cousin's car
The sunroof was open
we'd slept too long
and the sun was beating down on us
Having spent the previous day slathering ourselves
in no-SPF Coppertone, this scent is THAT scent







1966 recovers a strict memory of a seashore
Summer pastes its perfume delicately onto your days
You use the sun to fill you
A ruined pilot combs an indistinct seashore
Production volition mimics care
(our method ocean, you)
The around-you profitably thinks of the possibility of belief
She is guided with detail around the seashore, high on form
These summer materials are clearly American
pasted with places before meeting
The Coppertone tube is punctured with biting
You sniff the lotion
Even the ground hits its target
There was a week of seashore in 1966, results harmonized
Carefully walk in a hallway tracking in wet sand

I was a fan of Demeter
I hate smelling like everyone else
This is made so that only someone
who is very interested in talking to you will be able to smell you
That's exactly how I like it
I will be buying the bigger size of this immediately
It is not a coco-nutty Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion scent
Coppertone is more chemical
Also, there is a lot of sea salt and salt water
an odd add in of watermelon
It is not a clean fresh smell
It is how you smell after a day at the beach

                                                            A predator converts suicide to vapor
                                                            Catch a killer for a dollar
                                                            A spoonful of blame
                                                            Name some specific ways to display numbers
                                                            Textile momentum, love poetry loads at both ends
                                                            Long arms and short vowels
                                                            Suicide String Band
                                                            The River Nixa
                                                            Beaches of meaning in Cheyenne

[It's a little sharper and fresher / and makes me think of light blue skies and sandy beaches / It brings 185 voices all recorded independently at home / and then probably the finest marine scent / the scent of my childhood summers / We have utter fabulosity / One whiff and I am back on the beach with my suntan lotion and my tunes looking for dolphins and soaking up summer in a bottle / Sun, surf and Coppertone / This indie favorite is a dead ringer for old school Coppertone]

                                                            The most beautiful, the most wanted America
                                                            A narrative history of an indespensible critic
                                                            The most guns per household
                                                            The first act opens with an accusation
                                                            The body I exist reflects as he sees it
                                                            One does not simply walk into a corridor
                                                            Her weight was delivered to her on Sunday

It reminds me of vacation
It makes me feel kind of sexy
like I do on vacation
I can't wear it everyday or anything
but it is a good switch when I want a mental vacation
I guess I'm in love with the Coppertone Scent as it is NOW
not as it was in 1966
I really like the suntan lotion smell
especially in the summer
I don't know what Coppertone smelled like back in the sixties
but if this is it then I doubt I would have liked it

                                                            Even more blooms
                                                            Even more numbers
                                                            Even more odd functions
                                                            Even if you cannot hear my voice and your hands are
                                                            Even if you were horribly disfigured and I was Jesse
                                                            If you were liquid, you’d drown me
                                                            If you were laying in my arms, instead of on YouTube
                                                            Ask for a refund in fire and gasoline
                                                            Your lovebugs were manmade
                                                            Landsnails were sold and numbered
                                                            Last names were labeled with important dates

I think if the "watermelon rind" factor
were removed I might like it a lot more-ery
This is different batch than previous ones I've had
NOT liking this mix
Kind of expensive to not like it
Not sure why I like the smell of Coppertone so much
I grew up on the east coast beaches
of Newport and Cape Cod
I still summer there every year
I don't necessarily smell "Coppertone"
but I do smell suntan lotion
A mix of Bain de Soliel (the orange gel in a tube)
Coppertone, Hawaiian tropic
I get a sandy smell, but not much seaweed
Everyone’s body chemistry can transport and evoke a specific place
laced with happiness

There was a beach rigorous in its recovery in 1966
Scent glued itself to summer, to the sand, to the fluted air
The Coppertone cam passes across you with a message
that in effects says, “You are filled with sun”
The beach will be indistinct
She guides the beach into detail
We are high with bathing-suited figures
There is a scent on every hill
The family dies. It becomes an examined event
Events are punctured with bites
She changes into a Coppertone question
You smell the iodine that waits like an interior event
A used beach in 1966
Questions are bathed with attention + the hesitation of corridors
Walk along a pure coast

If you're looking for something that smells
salty, seaweedy and a bit raw like the ocean
then you'll be disappointed like I was
This smelled like gross ocean water (seaweed) on me
I was so disappointed
When I wear this, I keep brushing the imaginary sand off myself
Cold Mid-West February day
snow on the ground
rummaging around in a closet
for "off-season" fragrances

                                                            An Asian sea in blue chords with surrounding salmon
                                                            Alpine principalities loaded with alewives
                                                            A pocketful of shells and a pond edged with greyish leaves
                                                            Skimmers, a pool of standing water could be hiding
                                                            an alligator
                                                            a waterfall
                                                            a bed
                                                            Testing cloudy, green shocked it now cloudy
                                                            Twilight help, two people choose the second
                                                            If you loved the smell of dittos

[Here's Song of the Islands which I played live at a public gathering / Here's Paper Roses that I played in North Platte with Tornado Jones in 1953 / Here’s Little Monk and Tiger in 1965 / One of the reasons I became fascinated with UFOs so early in life was because of a sighting that happened in 1966 in my home town of Erie / It was a gain-glorious dream to live right on Topanga Beach in 1966 / It started with the fabric on the lampshade — a simple, soft shell pink and white linen print / A scent trigger can create an impossibly detailed moment / L'Enfer Sur la Plage aka Hell on the Beach (1966) / Bazookas. Bikinis. Beach. Beautiful women / A score by Chet Baker]

                                                            Horoscopes that love the moon too much
                                                            You are a pilgrim through the thesaurus
                                                            The stars are too fond of snow
                                                            The second time around in your skin
                                                            Rubber and books and bleach
                                                            The smell of your cancer lingers
                                                            Crayons and cinnamon and ghosts and cloves and clay
                                                            The smell of Clorox makes me sick
                                                            Clothes dried outside

A dab on each wrist, at the base of my throat
I am “Under the Boardwalk”
on my beloved South Carolina beach
House parties, making out in the sand dunes
when shagging meant dancing to beach music at the pavilion
OD was Ocean Drive
and the "funniest" thing we smoked was menthol cigarettes

                                                            We created a story but the language did not exist yet
                                                            Timeless arms in a solitaire cinema
                                                            Even my arms were symphonic
                                                            Lotion, oil, spray, butter
                                                            What is your shelf life?
                                                            Shower your wishes off with younger hands
                                                            What is your Japanese name in your Japanese kitchen?
                                                            Is my jaw wired shut?
                                                            Not open all the way
                                                            Not closed
                                                            Not open
                                                            Not relaxed
                                                            Not opening wide







Recuse yourself from a beach
Scent glues itself to an entire summer
the air fluted with Coppertone
where the crest of the beach is indistinct
First it will smell Christian, and then processed by persona
will become an idea adequately, firmly in second place
These are the components to a beach
We are high with diagrams
If examined, a family dies, is punctured
as is the case with flowers before they bronze
The coast, you, smells of iodine
She used up a week of beaches in 1966
What if it was a different week?
Her attention walks along uncertainty
Along a corridor of plates, along sand, along her coasts

I am a child of the 70's
and no way do I remember Coppertone
or the beach smelling like flowers
I feel ripped off and sooo disillusioned
This really is a memory in a bottle
For me, this is memories from the '70s and early '80s
when we still slathered ourselves in suntan oil
and cooked ourselves on the beach for hours

                                                            The hitman reborn with bullets for his Valentine
                                                            The floor is lava, waxing
                                                            To get out they pull you back in
                                                            To resist it’s like haha
                                                            To sleep but can’t what to do
                                                            To solve a puzzle you
                                                            Try sleeping with a broken tenderness
                                                            Pink things for free (for example) with your eyes closed
                                                            Your attachments cannot be displayed
                                                            Your attributes must be localized
                                                            at the beginning of a sentence

[We humbly suggest that you begin the evening by applying At the Beach 1966 / "Winter weather makes me long for a beach getaway / But when I can't escape the cold I turn to this beachy scent” / A Northeastern beach with a generous slather of abstraction]

                                                            What was a noted hurricane in 1966?
                                                            Bentley, blizzard, Barbie
                                                            Whiskey brands, wing bodies, words, wind tunnels
                                                            A great ice crusher, blinded with acid by lover
                                                            How can you tell if negative spirits prevail?

This tiny little vial of absolute
instantly transports me back to Nags Head
covered in Coppertone
the sun baking the sand
the sand coating our feet
until we could take the heat no more
and ran, laughing, into the ocean

                                                            This darkness is condemned to photography
                                                            and it’s tested on animals
                                                            the othering Atlantic
                                                            Lined envelopes are her wings
                                                            Get ready because
                                                            we are going to worship you

We emerge from the surf
tendrils of wet hair raining down our backs
We hopped over the scorching sand
back to our giant beach towels
reapplied more Coppertone to our salty-sweet skin
and then collapsed once again into the warm embrace of towel and sand

In 1966 we rescued a beach from its strict materials
A smell that presented an entire summertime:
the sand and air fluted with Coppertone
Their communication clearly activated this heat
You used the sun first in its full ascendant dioxides
and then its coals
There is a pilot indistinct, indiscernible
Our ocean method: you
A processed persona is an idea that should be sufficiently in second place from you
Complete thoughts communicate a possible summer
We essentially consider the components of a beach
We are high with diagrams and summertime decisions
What exactly is the length of an American beach?
We were resolved before concentration
She examines a family that dies
in this case
an aperture for questions categorized in Coppertone
You smell the iodine up and down your coasts
One week at the beach used up in 1966
Glue is an additional smell
Her attention goes for a walk along uncertain corridors
Dishes of sand put out for their perfumes
These Northern Atlantic humid sands
their precise marine hints

At The Beach is the EXACT recreation
of Coppertone + beach from my childhood. EXACT
We used to sit out on the beaches of San Diego
in the '80s and fry endlessly (uggh)
Coppertone, Hawaiian Tropic, Bain de Soleil...they all had their own smells

                                                            Satinblack sandpaper, sand ceremonies, starfish
                                                            Bedding identification pictures drift and burn
                                                            Animal sculpures, angels in dresses at the
                                                            Daytona Beach Hospital
                                                            Just a hint of Clint slip
                                                            100 objects in 6 glasses
                                                            A high wind reads like a history of god
                                                            a sufficient rapture, a rosemary explanation

[Text, visual imagery, sound and everyday objects to highlight the potent influence of smell on individual emotion / Flat lilac; this year's dusty-pink psychedelicate style is bleached denim and a spritz of At the Beach 1966 / Beautiful hardware and modern cuts / All while maintaining a focus on comfort]

                                                            Advent accordion song, chassis code
                                                            Chrome license plate frame in Christmas blue
                                                            Can we create our own memories in Christmas blue?
                                                            The image of god exclusively for Arkansas teachers
                                                            Especially for pets

This perfume is a Coppertone memory
I teared up at how perfect it was
and how long it had been since I smelled that
This reminds me of seaweed and the sand
and the sea breezes that pick up
the scent of the salt water

                                                            A fiction like cucumber water and mint
                                                            Of gold caryopteris
                                                            Of color
                                                            Of lime
                                                            Of day
                                                            Of honey
                                                            There is a hint of blue around her mouth
                                                            Bluebirds where there should be mist or bees

1966 was a simpler time
when we, probably (foolishly)
didn’t pay attention to SPFs or dermatological risks
We just wanted to be as brown as we could get
I would arrive at the beach
walking by the early risers
who already had absorbed the sun’s first rays

Anne Gorrick is a poet and visual artist. She is the author of: A’s Visuality (BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo, NY, 2015), I-Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), and Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008). She has co-edited (with Sam Truitt) In|Filtration: An Anthology of Innovative Poetry from the Hudson River Valley (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, NY, 2015).

She has collaborated with artist Cynthia Winika to produce a limited edition artists’ book called “Swans, the ice,” she said with grants through the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She has also collaborated on large textual and/or visual projects with John Bloomberg-Rissman and Scott Helmes.

She curated the reading series, Cadmium Text ( www.cadmiumtextseries.blogspot.com ) and co-curated (with Lynn Behrendt), the electronic journal Peep/Show at www.peepshowpoetry.blogspot.com

Her visual art can be seen at: www.theropedanceraccompaniesherself.blogspot.com.

Anne Gorrick lives in West Park, New York.

An interview with my friend and poet Robert Kelly about the above piece and others in a series of work on and around different perfumes appeared at Galatea Resurrects here:

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