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Without Making an A not B Error

category: tissues/ cost-accountant considerations

Summer is coming: what do you want—an adorable pancreas?

I think the photos are amazing, dressed in things like gauze bandages or surgical corsets
When you start to feel dizzy and weak, you’re almost there!

Cheyne famously published in The English Malady (1733):
I love the new me! or Megan makes it work!

[though those] with less physically demanding labor assignments received approximately 1, 300 calories per day

                                                             without overburdening the public with the cost/
                                                             rather as processes than as things

on the actual or perceived grounds: what nourishes me destroys me

they swelled to shapeless bulks which could not move anymore,/ and he recurrently experienced a sense of suffocation
especially since

                                                                            it leads desire away from the good path,
                                                                            makes it err far from natural ways

since should they even be broken
Thou wilt not be poured forth

[But] when you feel empty, it means you are empty of your sins

an antidote against the gathering of those gross and foggy humours

And in all there was a mist, shutting out from
my sight the brightness of Thy Truth, O my God;
and my iniquity displayed itself as from
very fatness

not a psychiatric disorder [but does constitute] a survival paradox

now regarded as an indiscretion and almost a crime/
[in fact] it is every bit as threatening to us as is the terrorist threat we face today

along with these primers, children were given a supplement entitled Don’t Trust a Fox in a Green Meadow or

the language continued to be one of “fate-comradeship” of all those eligible

                                                             with the gene map complete/
                                                             who would hide their status or
                                                             deny their ancestors

We narrowed the search to the neighborhood, the X chromosome—and even the block, Xq28—but we didn’t find the house

Indeed, the very idea of dividing populations into subgroups/
is most centrally about disciplining the so-called normal

She ate the cake to control the situation and violate everyone’s ideas of right and wrong

093. [just] wear polish to cover up the bluish tinge on your fingernails/
                                                                                                                                        they will never notice

the pigmentation had a dirty appearance/
and is generally present around the mouth and eyes and on the malar prominences

I’m so confused/
because bones are clean and pure/
like pergament scrubbed through and through

The only thing that anyone can diagnose, with any certainty/
                                                                                           there is, outside it and in it
the immaterial and material space that distributes it and shares it out as singularity, distributes and shares the confines of singularity

                                                             And so betwixt the two of them
                                                             They licked the platter clean

I am your life, your obsession/
Don’t fail me!

It only takes three to four days for the results of this syndrome to emerge

Step One is alertness reduction/
So the response might be/
Patty’s Got a Gun/
[but is never] You’ve come too far to take orders from a cookie

I have noticed that people usually love their new cars for at least a year, no matter what kind of lemon they’ve bought

a combination of the thrifty phenotype and thrifty genotype hypotheses[?]

In our professional opinion/
Here, above all else, is a “Fagin faith”

These tactics…must lead to success, with almost mathematical certainty, unless the other side also learns how to fight poison gas with poison gas

                               [which] puts him squarely in the iatro-chemical camp/
                               anything that would evacuate the body from any opening

Though the rabbit came through the ordeal of the experiment, this must not be taken as evidence of its harmlessness

Details of the coffin’s dimensions were then publicized in the London Magazine, where it was also emphasized that “a way was cu thro’ the wall and staircase, to let the corpse down into the shop”

As part of the remodelling, its windows were bricked up. Only small openings remained

your body is a temple/
(which explains its nickname, the “little red house”)

                                                                                                          Thus it becomes perfectly natural to/
                                                                                                          Drop It Like It’s Hot/
                                                                                                          at the snap of your fingers

Such correlation between the inertial aspects and sheer materiality/
in what must be called, once again, a myth of myth…perhaps says nothing,
but says that it says

This is forever; I will do what it takes

One Day I’m Bound to Give Birth to Centaurs

this new map—insolently new, never unfolded, never lugged around in a wet raincoat pocket—far from disguising the disappearance of the other only emphasized it

                                             —Michel Butor: Passing Time

Meticulously recorded in an unbound journal
or the Engagement with his very own body

Similarly for integral monstrosity as countergenerality implicit in the existing generality

you know, your mother and I both agree that medication
                                                                                                          is likely in order

what constitutes a refrain for him in turn leads to the study of what could be called practical systems

2:00 pm = repeat favourite facial expressions or recite:
nose without a face,
face without a face,
eyelids that cannot be mifplac’d at the Head of an Encyclopaedia like this, etc

let it be known that I have taken course to express myself
in Terms of Number, Weight or Measure

                                              Thus, “I’m having a bad glandular day” or
                                              “Don’t you think that in my childhood I had a heart like you?”

We find such organs arranged in darkened rooms, at the foot of the bed,
sip some more water for instance

                               this is to stifle the fact that the content of his gesture is not singular,
                               for in silence it still had no meaning

under these conditions I have for hours at a time
held my voice in my hand
like a tiny bird
or set of cutting edges that insert themselves into the assemblage

                               why not therefore a mufician, who has a frightful object to paint,
                               fucceed in difcovering, in Nature, a Kind of Sound

alarming as it is/
the common structure that carves up and articulates what is seen and what is said

the observer must, first and foremost…be suited to receiving the impressions of the phenomena that are presented, however difficult they may be to perceive

                                                             the difference between Justine and Juliette is so slight, really,
                                                             as if the thin scar left by a razor

a secret complicity forms between this image
and the virility accursed by this image

                here my thought-penis becomes a rhythmic and expressive color-carrier
                that marks the limit of the territory

it dwells in the house of persistent trembling, shaking, confusion and dizziness

I will be obliged to use many other metaphorical terms…and will therefore say that it wakes up and goes to sleep

in fact, the stupefaction of a soul when faced with itself
is the true theme of this tale/
                                                             especially when what is mine is first of all
                                                             my distance

Start with Orestes. Look at his heavy, half-closed eyes…Notice the slight drooping forward of his head. Look, too, at the pensive and indecisive way that his right index finger seems to itch his chin

in what way does this scratch possess all the rigorous architecture of a verbal designation
or the reciprocity involved in being persuasive

                                                                                           I would like to cry but I just can’t. Rarely.
                                                                                           Never during intense masturbation sessions.
                                                                                           Okay sometimes. As a placebo, yes.

                you see, these are so many immediate impressions, so many letters, as it were

stands to reason
the best doctor may very well be a dyslexic one

July 19, 1897: Dear Miss Sheffield, You will understand of course that what Doctor Searcy would say about your case would have great weight, because he is a man of such high character that one would be very reluctant in believing that he would report other than the matter as he sees it

the Universe itfelf, could we reduce it to a fingle Point of View,
would be no more than a folitary pregnant Fact or immenfe Verity

                                              and just as combustions reveal their secret only in
                                              the very vividness of fire [ie. the species of the combustion]
                                              I believe she may be absolutely right

8:00 am = burning, the arc of the ache of it
I’m not going to wear this bloody robe anymore/
swinging between the surfaces that stratify it and the plane that sets it free

even when that elastic category is stretched to the limit…the end result is that
the great majority can be categorized as “false positives”

                               its truth is given in a decomposition
                               that is much more than a reading
                               since it involves the loosening of something implicit

I just writ to say
you are to have the body, you have had the body
my skin is a costume

it is quite clear from the Tusculans that the time had not come
                                                             for the conceptual or textual “discovery” of this condition

This is the signifying despotic face and the multiplication proper to it

June 15, 1893: Dear Sir…
The Common Sense would suggest/
Thou thy selfe are the subject of my Discourse

                                                                            other men looke to their tooles/
                                                                            but I am like one
                                                                            that slepen al the nyght with open ye/
                                                                            breeding an acquittal

Does not the whole of this language incur the risk of being relieved of its specific weight?

4:00 am = he pinched a grammar
                                                             from his very ribcage:
it’s not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes

Michael Aird's work has appeared in such journals as Lungfull!, Bombay Gin, Rhino, Salthill, Dislocate, on-line in Word for/Word, Bomblog and Blackbox Manifold. He has work forthcoming with Fence.

His current musical obsession = Elinor Frey: La Voce del Violoncello. Current print diversion = Andre Breton: The Anthology of Black Humor. Current YouTube distraction = Shaolin Drunken Kung Fu.
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