Mike Gullickson


It wanted to be
the words left behind
in the eraser from
the chalkboard
which was made up
of clouds, merely clouds
aching for substance
It wanted to be
something YOU
would read.

It never worried
about deadlines
it blurred the margins
went out of bounds
and back again
hoping you would hear
my voice
as I hear yours.

The only aspiration
worth having.


I forgot the off switch was all the way down.

I forgot the light would flicker.

I forgot someone would summon help.

I forgot and went to sleep.

Somewhere in a dream a bell rang.

I forgot it might be the police.

I forgot he might get his battering ram

to demolish the door and see if I was alive.

I remembered to open the door.

I remembered to say I was well.

I remembered my name

even though my sleep name

was not the same.

I remembered to say thank you

to the policeman.

I remembered to say goodbye.

I remembered to shut the light off completely

take the switch

all the way down


I forgot to lock the door.

Mike Gullickson has published poems in the San Antonio Express, The Via Bus System, Barnwood Press, Affirming Flame and The Texas Poetry Calendar, among others. His poem A Promise of Music won First place and the right to call himself Senior Poet Laureate in 2009. With his wife they publish The Enigmatist as well as Blue Hole magazine. (For submission guidelines contact poetkind_at_yahoo_dot_com) They also host the Georgetown Poetry Festival, the first weekend in October. His book, A Promise of Music, is now available on Amazon.
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