Texas Fontanella

Spain and 42nd St

Laudanum mutterings              silkroad scandal
on Arab street                             draftsmen 
gutter        stamp               plasticine patterns    
talky you off                 plastering like I the  
the vanity                             of the axceptional
  tis tis                         silentils tinder 
         miss                       ions for
               gotten                    museum clina minks w/
sharp    fish syllables                in        the
                           water                           opens south 
           of the border                           cross assassins
               winkle                                     pickle drs
         ink in two                      scanner suits  
                     as                                 ass
ignations circu                             rate op 
             thu tha darta                            bay sex
hoarse pipes   wine                     by fid
    dool ink                                     wither type 
    rite      r melo                  drummer 
                   trance                looses scent of
                            furs                 oft red dust
              exercises                         fallow     pon
          derp ears      dawn                            warps 
                            pi too                        mangled    brother
       uplough thedash                           boardstuck
               piling trucks                 a pout 
                       sky reeed              sun 
                                        dirf               ace &
                               happies      on Spain &     

Cold Lost Marbles

my ice skates on a wall
lustre of stumps washes his lavander horizon
he’s got a handsome face of a lousy kid
rooming-houses dirty fingers
whistled in the shadow
“Wait for me at the detour.”
river… snow… some one vague faded in a
filigree of trade winds
clouds white as lace circling the pepper trees
the film is finished
memory died when their photos
weather-worn points of
polluted water under the trees in the mist shadow of
boys by the daybreak in the peony fields cold lost
marbles in the room
carnations three ampoules of
morphine little blue-eyes-twilight grins between his
legs yellow fingers blue stars erect boys of sleep
have frozen dreams for I am
a teenager pass it on
flesh and bones withheld too long yes sir oui oui
Crapps’ last map… lake… a canoe… rose tornado in
the harvest
brass echo tropical jeers from Panama
City night fences dead fingers you are in your own body
around and maybe a boy skin spreads to something
else on
Long Island the dogs are quiet.
my ice skates on a wall

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