Bill DiMichele


in her belly
drama of the universe
to me, my tomb

sarcophagus lid
sinks low above the treetops
wash it down with beer

late summer drowses
a country cemetery
gravestones forgotten

moss rock wall
lizards do a mating dance
under the birdhouse

her eyes will twinkle
be still or be disfigured
an unfinished doll

route 701
rusty bullet holes
yellow traffic sign

to weigh a boulder
to find a single atom
sifting through the sand

ticking clocks unheard
a dark house facing the sea
splinter of a moon

ocean and mountains
cali morning, star jasmine
mexican breakfast

avocado pit
sits on the kitchen counter
blood orange cut in half

sitting at pier 9
white city, misty morning
seagulls dive for crabs

Bill DiMichele is originally from Pennsylvania, attended Bucknell University, earning his degree in Fine Arts. His work runs the gamut from abstract painting to realistic sketching, from graffiti to sculpture, from collage to poetry/haiku. He was co-editor of Score, and is currently editing Tip of the Knife, a visual poetry magazine. He's been published in innumerable small press and e press magazines, Xexoxial, Runaway Spoon, Malthus Press, Tonerworks, Angel House Press, Otoliths, The Last Vispo Anthology, Cricket Online Review, etc. etc…
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