Brendan Slater

Fragments from 541


betamax clouds of cellophane unwrap
winter clock dark morning breaths
barded pita bucktooth rags a
response while a maternity slithers
wide crunch the cold chair trip
the lemon in order smack jumping
sunlit tall break-a-way pony
a hurl rice who the gentle
since bantam watchwords picketed tumults
a glider soars the characteristic


in box the crimson little fade
jade and root yesterday handsome
come wheel up backs and nights
fights in black cake willow kisses
missus are having you out this ribbon?
living soon my wait for death
meth and carpet older than kittens
intense and liver struck off witched-up
bitch and cloth, silver not cold spit and vodka
would you? ashened face up skittle hopscotch


the jubilatory a groom
that a Hitcheness journaled
fripped the chaos diluter
honours the beers shorter
if proctor a nudist background
idolise a trigraph's procrastinator
shady a stockholder's zonation
deferring bedsore personified
than an exit the sufficiency
elongating space as it breaks


fix the mad flu
lady cog suit an ounce
even though the even side
crate toward the hello yes
inside sock bliss the musk
front the tramp the stone
a speck bread American thorn
mass sixth the TRUE lined
less a port down upside giving
the rap flung the sent

Brendan Slater is a father, musician, coder and writer of small poems.

Co-editor of Moongarlic E-zine, for contemporary short-verse poetry and images.

Books: In Bed With Kerouac, 978-1478344667, Yet To Be Named Free Press via Createspace, 2012. Rum, Sodomy & the Wash, 978-1479137626, Yet To Be Named Free Press via Createspace, 2012. Would that that'd never been be, eBook, Gean Tree Press, 2013.

Website: www.yettobenamedfreepress.org
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