Christopher Barnes

Five Luddite Poems

Box Kick 11

…Prolonged gamut lithium battery
Die-hard a rolled-into-one eight hour shift…

Worker Ant No.6 power drives sand into gears.

…Prolonged gamut lithium battery
Die-hard a fluffshoot ie4>T ruH^tfH”!

Box Kick 12

…A responsive disc
For time-switch initiations…

Worker Ant No.7 gnashes squeakless wires.

…A responsive hitchmiss
R4f W:hc1E/meT: taTin)$|oN”

Box Kick 13

…Grounds invulnerability
Vital force to propane cylinders…

Worker Ant No.8 screwdrives the electrode.

…Grounds invulnerability
Vital botchglare O,,, Raon&6E aY2\c|s|n

Box Kick 14

…Dark-shots duds to warehouse
A high and dry routine grade…

Worker Ant No.9 sugars the diesel.

…Dark-shots duds to warehouse
A high boobstep Ry? oiN:}3Re siD|e3

Box Kick 15

…Ergonomically finessed
To play upon hitch grid references…

Worker Ant No.10 hurly-burlys,
Teeter-tottering a bludgeon.

…Ergonomically finessed
To play flawgrit H|2hc£ riDg s%F7ree]

Christopher Barnes’ first collection LOVEBITES was published by Chanticleer Press. He reads for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival each year, partakes in workshops, and co-edits the poetry magazine Interpoetry.
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