John M. Bennett

the tablet

what I thought was dead
what I brought to fork
the fork relentless of my
plate my path ,crowded
laundry hangs from b
ookshelves I have to
pee I thought the wall
was wet your eyes
were blinking in the
mirror was just the
air was just the
gnats was that your
current head was
that the tongue s poke
spoke dust falling
from the fridge

...il faut immobiliser la langue...
- Toussaint Des Mornes

fuel or rope

pocket slo bbered th
umb cigar yr eyes
was moth and mind
was radio half interred
in concrete sky a
swarm of fla pping to
wels yr neck con
dition ,diction shifted
in the door donde te
sale la pierna la pierna
te sale sálete la
pie rna re enfocada
con las monedas y
ascuas de tu bolsillo

finger time...al centro

your face

yr fav ored nost
ril crowd ed s
lab abo ve yr
hea d a “n ice”
a ,flobby pill ow
ter cave yr
dun g negck in
hales , the g rit
ualulation lost
in all them trees
,sure feels leg
less or lessleg
walk fort h ours
the sand the
streaming dust

your gnats


en plosive f lake re
crud ent ire flat 'n
flabby for the wwords
bust out the bbland
dog bladder than
yr traje caspa g
runty center pues
y )¿qué? ¿te crees Xiuh
tecuhtli?( the water
quiets out quiets
out is glasssssssssssssssssssssss

espejo de grava.............


pick ak ,off ten ,s
well ,dep age ac count or
feel the swelling on yr b
ack b lack out ,hot pee
l ,yr long bones s crawl
the entry glyph ,or lymph
ode mum bling in a shirt
.etch the outer mail ,inden
ted ,was a c oil b linking
in y our b ite

Mon ombre...c'est comme un mot...
- Oscar Venceslas de Lubicz Milosz

la tuerca

the chewed boat your
c loset tongue's last
sweat first meal wr
iggling in yr throat
it's the c age of l
aundry it's a lengua
de madera tallada
con un caraglifo found
among the rocks re
focused dice and
sandwich blindness
legs walking out to sea


gaging veb

the horharsse years an
other soaker paid the
deep neck collabered
inna motel yr poison mm
otes aloud ,asick face's
cash pionic meat center
- aim yr fork – sord
watrer ,h ear her e
ats chake the spinal collar

the ga te f licks ,birdust

With bits hacked off Billy Bob Beamer's
Dead In Ethyl

dots scatter on the membrane

rise from the sandy tu
mult pre air shat
tered h air s pace m
ass of cigarettes the d
runk accretion shim
mer ing in the lang
uage form erlation
shadow aphasia sl
anted behind the dog
door voces femeninas
dung light diarrhea glass
carnicería en el chi
chén sin hinges b
lack water memory b
elt violent left eye the
right vacuum an acr
ostic cloud movie sk
ull classified with the
marginal comments
listed listed listed
break the heat is
sue rain the the
el espacio fláccido
y sueño

Soy troquero y me gusta estar borracho
- Ranchera

Found in Ivan Argüelles'
The Translation to Heaven, parts 7 & 8

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