Steve Dalachinsky & Jim Leftwich


port apt trap aisle ort
rap top carp rupt
pot tap opt mart cop
part prop cot flap
tarp rapt snap flop
isle bort gap ill
(steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich 2004)


i thought you said "done" before the peanut butter?
stain punt star pull
curt rain rats joint
turn sans tart sort
aint tainted stat tort
saint urn sart turd
train hurt john riots
un sane paul stir sans
peanut butter thins
(jim leftwich & steve dalachinsky 7/04)

code ridge

knight wilted litmus
nite porridge bitumen
knife nicely raceme
ridge bite piano
tilt slightly weightless
(jim leftwich & steve dalachinsky 8/04)

another dusts the bite duets

bite stud bots usury
dust boot cuss
tibs stood ruts ripe
rust tips hood
soot truss durt moot
butts usery bile mud
bite stud usury boats
dust cusp loots
tibs stood tripe struts
rust wood trips
soot truss lewd crust
butts usery suds might
(steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich 2004)

2 downn infinity to go (1st version)

adieu geffaw
ado giffaw
a dew goffaw
ah doo guffew
cough choke gaffaw

2 downn infinity to go (middle version)

adieu geffaw never
ado giffaw ever
a dew goffaw eve n
ah doo guffew nerve
cough choke gaffaw

2 downn infinity to go (final version)

adieu geffaw never t rough
ado giffaw ever t rue
a dew goffaw eve n accrue
ah doo guffew nerve a new
cough choke gaffaw hoo doo
(stove dalachinsky & jam leftwich 2004)

this town

very irate ironing boards
very i rate rate hikes
very i ate inveterate
every visible boy divisible by
trait i entreat
possessed said poses
very very very verily
ire table inedible
tire able tier rubble
rite cain canned rote
abel treble terrible terrors
(stave dalachinsky & gym leftwich 2004)

the law (short version)

what flaw?
schoenberg’s shoes?
saw hats?
what claw?
schumann’s hummus?
saw cats?
what law?
schubert’s schoolbooks?
saw bats?
(shoe dalachinsky & hat leftwich 20004)

the law (long version)

what flaw? patriot act.
schoenberg’s shoes? act like a patriot.
saw hats? act like a watermelon.
what claw? on the street hot neighbor.
schumann’s hummus? 50lbs farmgate.
saw cats? water melon gate.
what law? act like a pat riot.
schubert’s schoolbooks? flood gate.
saw bats? flood goat.
(steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich 20004)


their shoes ni bble psalm
in bibles lamps
serve few limf
yew curve tale
cun milf pal
fin late maps
bin alms late lap
blue film dont eye until u c
(jim leftwich & steve dalachinsky 8/04)

mis en scene

miso in sin
since wine my sigh sly spin
sin scene thighs sink spry spies nip
nice zine by nye minced minks pin
es inc ink eyes en H drink sip
cine dice sigh cry U then blinks in
cien pen why sink M mis steaks whip
ein wince try flies S cinse sinbelly
buttons belie muttoncows lying down drown in
french fries cenci s t a r t
(steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich 2004)


-ray setoned!
ery senipp, ah!
day semit retteb!
clothes burn luf it!
tokens seh tolc!
better times yad!
plain beautiful happiness?
denotes ni alp!
(steve dalachinsky & lim leftwich 9/04)

Gal I Leo's Can Opener

incant or
instant canopener
the earth is the center of the you
the earth is the center of the in
the earth is the center of the verse
(steve dalachinsky & jim leftwich 2004)

dead rags

ver s erve
rever s ent obligs
perver se quential tie rants
reserve d eviant sleep/walkers
seve re ading chronicles
sever ed itors choices
sext ant ithesis of
presu med icinal trailers
exume d ead rags
(mij hciwtfel & nevets yksnihcalad 9/04)

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