Steve Dalachinsky

catchin some lzs  (  louis  zukofsky  )
le urug  trimspa
walk impotent memory
glish glish agleam
argar merging within / casino of dreams
alz tied to 
he    i'm    hers
health mix   dare i 
say    dreamsmemory whys winnings
to catch a gulp
of reality     score a gultch of back money   schooled
i graduated but.............
someone else's scenario
wanker mr.lexicon
no one belongs in the ice too long
teach me how to booby trap
the crocodile
show me how to lobster
the ideal
how to corner the border
spin nose adorned
well we ask the litter
genes writ be       A
beginning learned object
trajected columns  (c)on text
graduated but youth  16, 23,
19 tense tortured body
student ravenous
immigrant hatchery
skipped area
invincible proletariat
ahecht ahecht a critic coughs  >  information
trilling trilling trilling like a sterling bird
chambers   witness  experience
cracked carved leaves 
borrowed from a vanquished repute
vanned couch askin askin great tooked 
movin chandelier 1/2 lit 
a vanquished culture
little magazines pethair (c)loner
hand-dated juvenile stew
fool the young girls  don  wit
va(r)se     (ity)    who does?
voce  homme
quiet old eyes  patient  wander
a figure at the edge of the flux &
dropped the books to the floor
& they remain closed tho one he flaps open
shut open shut
with a whhhhhlop a whhhhhhhhlop
type scripted
all is done with
all is done with
son   nets   sun  nets
on a cloudy day where's the denim
where's the rest of the chandelier's 
why've we lost the losses?
lift   zeal   left
                             where does the bright go
            when tented by 
                                          the storm?

           control       the phrase      please

is a look that penetrates me
free affordable
" i said i'm sorry -   relax -  relax"
           la pintura  devino     a donde  as she pulls the young
  boy's                                                   fingers
                            &  laughs
    go anywhere memory               as you step toward the end
fresh is the better of the whys
tho age tastes the better in the wash.

        9/17/04 nyc  irt subway   9 train & columbia university philosophy hall

i turn from the keeper
keys in hand
he interests me
his colors are not mine
but he is gentler/man
a p/art  i wonder
he aids me here tho art his name
he is that too    away from this
too long & (un)interesting  i will call
my life but someone says  SO / LONG's
i am medicated  by my own will
the neurons in the right side of my brain
at such a tender age a barely teen
burnt out
ressurected by porchlight 
& ivy
within the shadow of exodus
i lager agler in an attempt to stow
my anger  striped is this ragler
in an attempt to wharf the acid
my body stripped & shard
in an attempt to thwart the fiery bale
as it ascends
a glasslike fetter
buoyed & toddling
within a bulbous head

darkened by madness
i entered into the soft spring
air     staring at
the photo of the clear sky that you sent
as the rain began to fall
stabbing my eyelids
nibbling on my cheek

i knew  that  fundamentally
judgementally instrumentally
i had been played with
denied a trial and misunderstood
insect as the rain nibbled
a crazy bird complaining in my ear
them them them   it reits it reits it reits

i limp toward invisible   collapse into my steps

upstairs   he favors  the box   the couch  the curtains  drawn
downstairs      she maps out her skirts

the drib bird  complains

the roots of the trees  fight for space

i walk around the block once a day

trapped in a circle that is shaped like a square

i know boys on medication
dogs on medication
birds on medication
i drink coffee in the morning   (  light )
lay down in the morning  (  dark )              never sleep never
this is the only truth

abstract is non-figurative
additive - go figure that one
clouds' adrift in sunsky
gesture -   to be or to be something
else  someone else's eyes or dress or
mouth    wigged out on the apoca-
lips     eclipsed by a campaign of rhetoric
watching angels fall
this is the only truth

skybaby  smiling       the hoorah applause
within the withstood    a place
a chair
a worldly gush

it's a runaway paradise
& everything you question drips from
the palm of your hand
it's a rumor
a raw deal & random

shall i show you the keeper
or walk you away from the what for?

i pace the plush grounds
reminisce about beatings
sweat and cower when i think about the 5th floor
the wing  beating against my judgement

i steal away to a dark spot above the spiral stairs
a small room for 2 bodies
kissing among the dustbones
i jerkoff to no dream no image no thing
              jerk  jerk  jerk
i scale then fence  and escape for the day
steal back under the keeper's nose
that nose that smells
bill  aids  bill's his name
his colors are not mine he is sweet
he smiles areal
keys in hand  keys in hand  it's alright
like ping pong & boxing gloves & soft
ball  & phone calls  i point  i write i sculpt
my fist becomes glass.        ( the keeper hands me the keys )

katsimalis katsimalis whoda/ring a whoda/ring-a

this is not a postcard
not a picture of the sky that you sent me
it is the sun re-emerging           after a storm
it is husband & wife arguing    within the clutter
before during after
it is humidity                
biography not
understood a walk
it is no joke when arriving

my gimp still tightens acripple
the sighslight amumble cries wolf
no one gets the onslaught
up alla waggle  it's in one's ahlus
& scribbled  oil & ketchup the color of mud.........................

the keeper  holds the keys in his hands
he guides me back to my room.

        nyc   8/29/04   2:30-3:24 a.m.

Poet/collagist Steve Dalachinsky was born in Brooklyn after the last big war and has managed to survive lots of little wars. His book The Final Nite (Ugly Duckling Presse) won the PEN Oakland National Book Award. His most recent books are Fools Gold (2014 feral press), a superintendent's eyes (revised and expanded 2013 - unbearable/ autonomedia) and flying home, a collaboration with German visual artist Sig Bang Schmidt (Paris Lit Up Press 2015). His latest cd is The Fallout of Dreams with Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach (Roguart 2014).
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