John Hand

eight four wheel drives

piece of a feather
conceptual f. army shop for
fondling oth eyes
reverse ampersand. reverse personal. spread as if by sea
there is one in every jeep
this poem is about pity
this poems about camberwell come and get your love
come and get your love
come and get your love

stars printing in the stairs (heaven)

so no rush
no pencil, only slightly
. aggravated - take care, grab writing, feel free
force it, i am, campbells creek outside castle-maine
outside elphin-stone, its on you, to be honest, i dont
want him (to fool (me), its been an hour, im trying,
stretching it out, bel-connen, ook of love/sandy
jocks, of always being free to say horrible things & feel it
selfish aggravation, i will be principled on this to the point of being a
bit of a dick about it, theres no need to fall apart over it, theres no hurry to
smoke weed, fault the knick knacks passed round your wallet, i give up & cant see you, when
lost to touch, grabbing m-, i, poem gets meta

and full of fish some dead some not. some flower dried
stealing something going to the toilet, no chicken eggs
in this poem but
for new pancakes today maybe tomorrow. back at work (this was
someones work) the boss was good, reluctant to use names (theirs
ashamed but (facially) direct (all over again) (everytime),
bigger the boss bigger the prick & a one prick skyline, skyline prick

is it,
what is it? best
a good night
place w middle aged stars, middle of one age, usually….

a word to set in motion
would-be urgent
grabbing. we have all night, though, but also all of night, if, lets, yes, settle down
and have a family, seriously

John Hand works in Melbourne, but lives in Blackwood (which is near Ballan, which is near Bacchus Marsh.)
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