Issue thirty-nine Date of Publication November 1, 2015.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2015 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

Most of the images in Otoliths can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Pete Spence
Four Poems

Annette Plasencia
Girl + Petalos

Shataw Naseri
Three Poems

Philip Byron Oakes
Five Poems

horace p sternwall

Kyle Hemmings
Seven Photographs

GS Smith
Five Visual Poems

Three Visual Pieces

fátima queiroz
Six Typewriter Poems
Five Visual Poems

Raymond Farr
Five Poems

Angelos Sakkis
What We Still Have

John Lowther
Eleven Sonnets from 555

Texas Fontanella
Text & Visuals
More Text & Visuals
More Text & Visuals

Mark Pirie
Four Paintings, Two Poems

a. j. carruthers
Axes 33-35

Jack Galmitz
from Taller than a flying bullet

Marco Giovenale
news from the old desk & other visual pieces

Michael Aird
Three Poems
Two More Poems

Karen Greenbaum-Maya
Seven Photographs, Two Poems

Dale Wisely
The many ways to say 'sorry' in Japanese

Olivier Schopfer

Anne Gorrick
Summer Former Without Being Gorgeous

Mike Gullickson
Two Poems

Simina Banu
Four Visual Poems

Rob Cook
Four More Poems

Andrew Topel
Nine Visual Poems
Nine More Visual Poems

Michael De Rosa
Drowned Lands

Judith Roitman
Six Poems

Peter Ganick
Six New Poems

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Ezra Pound. And Beyond.

Eileen R. Tabios
Three Poems

Steve Dalachinsky
Two Poems

Steve Dalachinsky & Jim Leftwich
Fifteen Poems

Jim Leftwich
Three Poems

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich
Four Visuals

John M. Bennett
Eight Poems

Volomydyr Bilyk & John M. Bennett
Ten Visual Poems

Lakey Comess
Nothing To Do With Him/Her

Seth Howard
Two Poems

Nicolas Grenier
Three Poems

Christopher Barnes
Five Luddite Poems

Laurent Grison
The Battle of the Somme

Brendan Slater
Fragments from 541

Charles Wilkinson
Two Poems

John Vieira
Two Poems & Five Visuals

Richard Kostelanetz
Intricate Infinities

Howie Good
Two Prose Poems

Pearl Pirie
Two Visual Poems

Willie Smith
Three Short Stories

C.S. Fuqua
Two Women

Márton Koppány
(Hungarian Vispo No. 11)

Sandy McIntosh
Three Prose Poems

Charles Freeland
from Rabbit Fever

Jürgen O. Olbrich

Alexandre Pierrepont
Loyalty Islands

Cecelia Chapman
The Image Vanishes

Simon Perchik
Four Poems

Scott Keeney
Four Poems

Anneke Baeten
from Translating Paint

Branko Gulin

Martin Burke
Canto II

Bill DiMichele

Bobbi Lurie
Unfinished Projects

Felino A. Soriano
from Oscillating Echoes

Karl Kempton
= Big Bang =

Michael Rothenberg

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Marcia Arrieta
Four Visuals & Seven Text Pieces

Natsuko Hirata
Two Poems

Sanjeev Sethi
Two Poems

Robyn Art
Four Poems

Jesse Glass
Apology + "Agony of Matter Action"

Vaughan Rapatahana
Two Poems

Marilyn Stablein
Deviltry: an artist book + Two Poems

Caleb Puckett
Three Prose Pieces

Shloka Shankar
Six Visuals and Three Poems

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
Nine ku

hiromi suzuki
Three Collages, Two gifs

Katrinka Moore
from horse

Mark Staniforth
from The Road to N'Djamena

John Pursch
Two Poems

Mark Russell
from The Kidnapper's Store

sean burn
Two Visual Poems

Bob Heman
from [information]

Joe Balaz
Three Hawaiian Islands
Pidgin Visual Pieces

Three Hawaiian Islands
Pidgin Text Pieces

Robert Lee Brewer
Three Poems

Stephen Nelson
Five Visual Poems
Three Asemic Pieces

PT Davidson
Five Poems

Tony Beyer
Two Poems

Jake Goetz
Two Poems

J. D. Nelson
Three Poems

Tom Brami
Two Poems

Michael D. Goscinski
Five Visuals

John Hand
Two Poems

Edward Kulemin
Six Visuals

Jill Jones
Five Poems

Gian Luigi Braggio


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