Tom Brami

Trout fishing in the Yarra

Alfred is out late where a million bugs head butt lights like drug addicts. He is not worried about melting in the tropical heat for he has lead his beamer to the bar and has heard of other strategies for toil that exist outside the triangular eye of the religious.


Suddenly Wendy the rabbit realises that a lunatic has drawn her, and he is inexorably reaching a climax. Her creator has left her with nothing but nostoi, her nine brothers and sisters either eaten or digging aimlessly! She buys a motorbike and takes off. The sky is alight with little cloudlets scampering westward. It won’t be long before heavier fellows bellow behind them; she must not let the rain dampen her fur lest it shrinks! Her paws to the throttle, her tail tucked. Children stare and tempt her with vegetable offerings but her head is twisted right to accommodate the vision of her left eye. Her gaze is fixed to the traffic lights inexorably approaching. Lights, unexplainable. Red!


Marie asks Alfred if he heard something go under the wheel. A carburettor, a chassis. The bent rim of a punctured tyre. Alfred pretends not to hear this woman and fixes himself to the road winding out in front of him as if from a spool. They lay each other down on the bed. Marie’s breasts spherical or conical depending upon the position of the earth. Alfred the center of his universe as usual. The animator of Sunday funnies, old school, a sketcher of rabbits, to be killed in the strangest of circumstances.

Bangkok on a whim

Let’s cast the body out like a sign flashing
Or a stammered apology and its gesture
           —    Phuket.
Let’s go skipping in the maelstrom,
Where shadow assembles
Ayutthaya like Disney on horseback.
You don’t book tickets when the feng shui’s off
Or minor, like a tritone. The devil’s chord
A valentine-o type tango,
    The placement of shoes ominous
As a tick of approval.

Tom Brami taught at Monash University in Victoria, Australia last year. This year, he travels. His poetry has recently been published in of/with.
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