Colin Campbell Robinson

Some Equations

seek veritas
in discourse

three parties
one abstains
no discourse

no verum

if no truth
only evasions
only pretence

pretence can be play
but it also can be lies

four parties
one lies
one believes
two repelled

develop a theory of secrets

one hides
one finds
two chasing bubbles

write fiction
as entertaining lies

lies to make you happy
is the title of this book

seek veritas
through struggle

in the last moment
collaboration commences
reality bends

three resistants
one betrays
two slowly fade from sight

collaboration can produce positive results
but it can also herald death

four are in a room
two conspire
two are frozen out.

the title of this book is
as serious as your life

Colin Campbell Robinson is an Australian writer currently resident in the Celtic extremity of Kernow. He has been published in numerous journals around the world most recently in BlazeVox 15, Stylus and Ink Sweat and Tears. His book, Blue Solitude, a self portrait in six scenarios is a forthcoming publication from Knives Forks and Spoons Press.

The above piece comes from a recently compiled collection titled 'only now'.
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