Emma Smith

A Smuggler's Trade,
your skins and fat for my marching armies. (cont'd)

Bird beak point
(250 x 300 mm)

Night catch
(250 x 300 mm)

Drying rack and pipe
(250 x 300 mm)

(250 x 300 mm)

Last light
(250 x 300 mm)

Night light
(250 x 300 mm)

All works are oil on canvas, and all are dated 2015.

Emma Smith currently lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand.

She writes:
"This body of work charts a more private endeavour fusing imagined site and actual places (temporary wasteland spaces) with notions of success and failure, un/healthy competition, survival. Strange walls of foliage become barriers, confidence courses appear militaristic and unsafe, golf flags testify to more territorial intent than a Sunday game, & looming overpasses forfeit notions of arrival in their incomplete states. The unexplained but palpable political/ environmental content is submerged in a painted language that flops between figuration and abstraction. Motifs arise, morph and come undone through repetition."
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