Sanjeev Sethi


She is his beard. By bifolding in a factitious
hinge who are they befooling? Or making happy?
Why varnish one’s reality so another rejoices?
Crack your compulsions. Validity of one’s
axiom is the deal-breaker. It’s boolean or bye-bye.


Journeying without a pinch hitter has its hazards,
exemplar of prescript without eristic promptings.
Wormwood of bygone days does what memory
allows it to. Caring too much about this is like
brooding about invectives bunged while overtaking
another man’s automobile. On the QT, I pave my peace
through the poetic process. Hoisting a white flag
is the way forward, the feelgood of carrying an atlas.


The embroidery of existence has skeins:
itching to be placed in protected interstices.
Many a time peace is met, sometime edges
require sharpening. Couple of crevices need
to be altered. Some coils seek correction.
A few are fibrils.

The recently released, This Summer and That Summer, (Bloomsbury) is Sanjeev Sethi’s third book of poems. His work also includes the well-received volumes, Nine Summers Later and Suddenly For Someone. He has, at various phases of his career, written for newspapers, magazines, and journals. He has produced radio and television programs. He lives in Mumbai, India.
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