Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p14


in the wilderness of a white room
when all of us are in the hands of others
who will let us go? 
totally deaf  talking about talking
on a better night clearer visions
last left gestures conjured
indoors in the afternoon
what’s left of the rain is a thin annoying drizzle
this as good as obedience or what not – sore roses core
it was like the end & the beginning of writing
something made before batteries
     memoir vs. autobiography    
growing / crying / cherry busting.


afflict the comfortable
comfort the afflicted
while there’s time left to go out 
& feel everything -  
the comfortably afflicted 
live by the philosophy of convenience
i am a brooklynese american
“everything i write is a nature poem
an outdoor poem” / an outside poem
melody & tuber solo echo-poetics
echo system sssstammer 
echo-logical JOE boy
i’m not an optimist i’m just good natured
         says gary snyder
scar of information language is wild
          wild is process
 the rim of the body remembers 
           wildly breathing
effortlessly creating sentences
        side of math interiors
             filming in quadraphonic sound
                             a dinosaur

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