Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p16


drippy purposely executed
meager friendships
important to try
a prairie without a prairie
where small towners roam
there’s a theater
a kitchen
11 people
fragile women
& iron men
neo-coed working class drama
racial discord / a possible lynching
hispanic blakean tragicomedy
where a boy runs away from home
to escape his father
a suburban town without a subway
bad folks (banjos)
dysfunctional families
a story with a subplot about loving one’s country
& not the myth of one’s country

35 (on the beach)

einstein a possible plumber
as DNA has shown
a diagram without a theme
a storyboard filled with blank spaces
time / space / architecture / decisions / pipes
time: center of the earth
place: mega structure
plot: tension between horizontal & vertical
people fill each room with their own personalities
“without light there is no space” he declares
then goes on to say that “drawing
is a way of thinking” then continues
“form is not so interesting but it’s how you
fill in the form” & suddenly adds
it’s closer to heaven than
one thinks.

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