Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p17

36 (for l.c.)

in the pitch dark of the public assembly
clear windswept afternoon
a debate is underway in dim light
clouded ghostly
what others would call
effects which lead up to a storm
& back to a sublime yet ominous calm
post WAH but not for noise-sake
star sprinkled.


because renewing depends on us
new switches less hitches
& stranded radar stands / DRAD AZZ nats
seamless dinners / emerald diners
pregnant seats wearing red sock hats
taut(y) exports
match hitch moving saliva anytime / anywhere
global lessons in trading
foreign vestments
degenerative foundations / nexus
financial experts as nexus as / are / id
odds – generation (next) building crumpled fenders
think-ahead professors
did you ever think you’d be part of it?


what is there in shifting space
but shape shifters
within the walls of bright colored canvas
emerging from the belly of civilization
the way the colors take shape
shift within themselves to form bodies
fragile solid anvils
one note transcribed by others
so it would never change again
but ever changing
false premises & soft membranes
(s)elected officials
& the “official” weather report
whether we want it or not
it’s not like they disappear as shapes do
more like whitewash
& what we assume the brick looks like underneath
what the shifting light’s magnet song relays &
overlays - retfish epahs
& the non-parts of existence
what’s written on the flat of my hand
what might be washed away
what’s thought of better left unsaid
all of which…lay open like a
door a
book a wound
but not an e-flat clarinet
nor those things that should remain
forever closed
cans of worms – a box of secrets
or what the now reveals
a shift
or worse > stagnation.

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