Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p18


there is always one overdressed
under clad young violinist, cellist or pianist
in the quartet
trying to stake (t)he(i)r claim in the
tho never straying very far
from the idea of making the
event happen
she is usually asian
love makes here E STRANO
& it’s always then about when the thing
happens & not how it happens
for without light
there is no space.

40 (matt ship trio)

time was still is still in/congruous grid
& wasn’t it a smiling fistful of glassmouth
the audible stillness
& yours end a bellyful of exits
& alla windows blocked by black bunting
so’s even the door can’t escape
& the trio gets outta da suitcase
& here’s where early late @ night a cool edge
brushes the skin(s) offkilterly
penetrates the kease
& i’m all for that
the fatuous farrago /flatness of a better grain
the caretaker’s second hand
& a mounting to the toppleness
with all this ability to be language.


we are both americans
but we come from different americas

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